How often should pest control be done in a restaurant?


Pests can cause severe damage to a restaurant, and no owner likes to talk about the bugs they’ve seen crawling across their food. To avoid that situation, you have to get your property treated regularly for pests. Determining how often your restaurant needs pest control depends on several factors. The first step is to talk with our pest control professional. It is essential to maintain a clean restaurant if you want to get rid of the bug problem that exists inside your establishment. 


Controlling Pests Inside The Restaurant

Every day, the dining area should be thoroughly cleaned, and any traces of food dirt should be eliminated. It also applies to areas designated for the preparation and cleanup of food. In addition, no food should be allowed to be standing around in the kitchen, where food is prepared, or in the storage spaces. 

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Restaurant’s Exterior Consideration

  • Lightning. UV light entices insects into glue traps and bug zappers as a pest control measure. These are fantastic for attracting flying pests away from your building or killing any that slip inside, but they also show why you should be careful with restaurant lighting. Install fixtures away from your building and direct light toward doorways.


  • Passageways. Doors and windows should be closed wherever possible. However, reception rooms, drive-through windows, and main entrances will be open often and occasionally for long hours. Consider an air curtain to repel flying insects in these scenarios. A door sweep plugs gaps between the door and the floor/threshold to prevent dampness, drought, insects, and rats. Regularly inspect your facility’s exterior for unintended entry and seal gaps and crevices.


  • Dumpsters. Unkempt dumpsters attract pests and are an eyesore if not properly managed. Invest in appropriately-sized trash to prevent overflow, and clean the area with a hose so water flows down a drain unless using a dumpster deodorizer, which should not be discharged into the environment. Dumpsters should be far from your structure and have tight-fitting lids.


Pest Inspection

Every restaurant owner’s best interest is to perform routine pest inspections to stay one step ahead of the insects. When it comes to pest inspections, one of the most common questions is, “How frequently should you have them?” Per our suggestions, the frequency of pest inspections should be increased to once per year.


Pest Control Evaluation

After inspecting your restaurant, our extermination expert will offer you an assessment of the existing state of affairs. You will acquire knowledge regarding any current vermin issues in your restaurant and prospective dangers. Our inspector will point out any cracks, holes, or tears that allow insects or rodents to enter the home. This examination is meant to assist you in gaining a better understanding of the state that your restaurant is now in. After you have gained a better experience of the infestation level at your restaurant, you can make the best choice regarding the available treatment solutions.

Restaurants need regular pest management; it’s not a luxury. If your restaurant doesn’t have pest control, schedule an inspection immediately. Pests in your restaurant threaten client health and your business’s reputation. Fullscope Pest Control has worked with restaurants and would love to help you stay pest-free.


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