How To Control Flies In The Restaurant


For people who work in the food service sector, flies are among the most annoying pests you might encounter. 

A fly infestation significantly compromises hygiene. Unfortunately, flies are drawn to settings found in restaurants, where they may do the most damage. When flies land on human food or surfaces used in food preparation, they can introduce harmful bacteria from their feet that they have picked up from decomposing organic waste.

There is a risk that the tiny bugs will ruin a restaurant or bar’s reputation. Here’s how to keep flies away from a restaurant.

Fruit Flies

Fruit Flies

Garbage: Do not let the trashcan sit in for more than a day. Make sure the bins are emptied if there are any leaks or spills. As a result, fruit flies are less likely to breed rapidly in trash cans.

Sink: A fruit fly’s best friend is water, so make sure your sink is always dry. This reduces the amount of water they can consume and prevents them from reproducing.

Drains: Drains offer fruit flies water, food, and a safe place to breed. Run sanitizer or bleach into drains before bed. Use store-bought medicines to kill fruit flies.

Bottles: Put a plug in the bottle’s opening to keep fruit flies out and preserve the quality of your wine.

Common House Flies

Common House Flies

It is the responsibility of the staff to maintain clean garbage cans, sinks, and drains in the kitchen.

Kitchen surfaces, including cutting boards, should be regularly washed off.

Kitchen staff should close doors and windows as much as possible to keep flies out. Windows and doors might benefit from the installation of screens.

Must Read Pest Control Can be done in restaurants

Bar mats: Over the day, bar mats accumulate a great deal of waste matter. Wash them in warm, soapy water often to eliminate any residue.

Drain Flies

Drain Flies

As drains are the most common breeding ground for these pests, they must be constantly and thoroughly scrubbed clean.

  • Use a pipe brush to remove debris from the drain, then flush it with hot water.
  • Next, add 1 cup vinegar and 1/2 cup baking soda after waiting an hour.
  • Rinse the solution with more hot water by pouring it down the drain.
  • One alternative to using vinegar is to flush a mixture of one bleach and ten water parts down the pipes.
  • If you like, you may also try using drain treatments from your local hardware or home improvement store. If there are specific directions for using the product, adhere to them.

General Solution For Flies

Maintaining hygienic conditions are essential.

Closely examine the fruit and vegetable shipments that come in.

Using a fan to create significant air circulation will deter the flies from settling on the food.

Flies spread diseases such as cholera, typhoid, and TB. Fullscope Pest Control is aware that managing a restaurant is a full-time commitment. We can reduce the number of flies by limiting their breeding grounds, which include water and damp areas. Your attention is better served by managing your personal and ensuring everything goes correctly, rather than worrying about pests. 

All flies, from fruit flies to house flies, may be a restaurant nuisance. Therefore, they must take preventative steps. Do not delay contacting us immediately if you are experiencing issues with pests. We can help you protect your business and your reputation!


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