Perimeter Pest Management for Your Home


Why worry about perimeter pest management? Virtually all indoor bug problems begin somewhere outside your house, whether it’s from your yard, a neighbor’s yard, nearby woods, or from  some other location. 

You can help prevent insects and other intrusive pests from getting inside your Conroe home with effective perimeter pest control. You can create a barrier around your home that keeps pests away, whenever they try to cross it.

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What is Perimeter Pest Control?


Prevention is always the best remedy for any problem, including pest problems. Perimeter pest control is a plan to implement a protective barrier around your home and foundation in order to reduce uninvited pests from getting indoors. The main purpose of perimeter pest control is to keep as many unwanted pests from getting inside your home, but it’s also good news for gardeners. Effective perimeter control can also protect plants and landscaping from insects that would feed on them.  


Can You Do Pest Control Yourself?

Exterior Pest Control

Professional pesticide treatment is often what comes to mind when most people mention, perimeter pest control, but there are quite a few effective steps you can take yourself:


  • Keep your lawn mowed, and trees and shrubs trimmed at least 6 to 12 inches away from the side of your house.
  • Eliminate standing water in your yard as much as possible (e.g., areas on your property where rainwater collects, as well as buckets, old tires, pet dishes, etc. where standing water may accumulate).
  • Keep woodpiles, trash, and mulch as far away from the side of your house as possible–at least 20 feet.
  • Keep your yard clear of leaf and grass clutter, as well as trash/boxes of any kind.
  • With caulking, seal up cracks, crevices, and holes around your home, around windows, doors, etc. Make sure door and window screens are in good repair, and holes where cables/pipes enter your home are screened over or stuffed with steel wool to eliminate pest entry points. Door sweeps and weatherproofing should also be kept in good repair.
  • Eliminate leaks around (and inside) your home, i.e., hoses, faucets, pipes, etc.
  • Replace outdoor white lighting with yellow lighting when possible to help reduce the attraction for flying pests.

excessive leaf litter

Our technicians will discuss any conducive conditions they find at the time of service and make professional recommendations based on your unique home.  We are the eyes on your home and yard, and we are trained to find situations before they become an issue.

Wood Piles


How Long Does a Pest Control Treatment Last?

Most perimeter pest control services will last 90 days, with the use of a multitude of products, from baits, granules and insecticidal sprays, we back out services with the full 90 days, so if any issue occurs within that time frame we will happily come back out and deal with the problem.

As everyone knows in the Houston, Texas area our weather can change on a dime, from extreme rain to extreme heat.  These factors play a role in pest pressure and populations.  For our technical staff we are studying the weather and pest pressure constantly and our protocol changes accordingly.

Having the this type of knowledge and experience in this industry is Key to our success!

Applying granules

No matter what the pest problem you are dealing with, our highly trained staff have the expertise to eliminate the pest and prevent any home invasions.  Save yourself a lot of time, money, and headaches by hiring a professional.

Contact our Kingwood, TX pest control experts. We can help you and your family enjoy your home and yard without being overrun by pest invaders!  


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