How To Eliminate Mice And Rats From Your Home


Infestations of rodents like mice and rats can risk your most valuable possession. Not only can they wreak severe damage to the furnishings and structure of your home, but they are also equipped to spread disease, which is a significant downside to having rodents in your home.

The longer a rat infestation is allowed to take place, the greater the risk that permanent damage may occur. This is why it’s essential to evaluate the threat posed by rodents in the house and devise a strategy to eliminate them.

The following are some ways to prevent the invasion of rats and mice into your homes.

Get Rid Of All Food Sources

Small amounts of food are sufficient for mice every day. Get rid of the foods they enjoy eating, and they will leave your home alone. Mice can’t chew through glass or metal; therefore, storing dry things like grains, pet food, and anything else is safe. Also, immediately clean up any leftovers or spills to keep mice away from your home.

Try Having A Cat

Getting a cat may be the least complicated option to eliminate mice from your home, provided no one there is allergic to the cat. Mice may leave if they detect the odor of cat pee. Or, you could buy some ammonia in its purest form. Mice will flee from ammonia because it smells like a cat’s urine. Put cotton balls drenched with ammonia in the areas where you think mice could gather.

Use Live Traps

The ideal method of trapping is humane trapping. In most cases, traps are used over poison bait because of the reduced risk to human and animal health. However, if the infestation is too large and endangers your household, you should use spring traps or contact a professional pest control service. They will be able to do the job for you quickly. Also, know about types of ants.

Eliminate Their Access To Your Garbage

Rodents, much like flies and cockroaches, are drawn to waste containers. To prevent mice or rats from getting in, use a garbage can with a sturdy cover or secure it with rubber cords; metal containers are ideal. Keep the cans regularly clean to eliminate odours that might attract rodents.

Block Any Potential Points Of Entry

Mice and rats will want to get inside when the weather becomes colder. Seal cracks or gaps in your home’s foundation, siding, or window frames using caulk or weatherstripping to prevent unwanted visitors. Duct tape any holes and insert steel wool into vents to deter invaders without limiting airflow. Mice will be naturally discouraged by steel wool due to the impossibility of chewing through it.

Mice and rats easily transmit diseases. Thus quick action is required. Because of their rapid reproduction, an invasion becomes increasingly difficult to contain the longer it is left to continue. 

Eliminating them as soon as possible is necessary! Save the hassle and contact Fullscope Pest Control. We have a wide range of services for pest control, not just for rats and mice. Call us or visit our page to learn more about our services!


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