Effective Mice Extermination

Getting Rid of Mice

Getting rid of mice can be easy when you follow the right steps.  When you start seeing something moving out of the corner of your eye or finding rodent droppings, it is time to take action.

  Identification:  Before you try to get rid of any type of mice, you should try to determine how many you are actually dealing with. To do this, try any of the following.

  Check the Walls: You will need to consider that rats love to hide in the wall. Thus, you should be mindful of noises in the walls. Sometimes what you thought is a mouse could be a juvenile rat.  Mice are very curious and will be out and about in areas such as kitchen counters, shelves, even tables.  Rats will stay close to a surface and most of time are not seen as often.

  Inspect Feeding Sites: Try to identify their feeding sites and try to eliminate it. They are fond of human foods and would always come for them. Thus, try to keep your food in a metal container or even a glass one as long as they have tight lids. They might want to visit your trash cans. Thus, you should try to use resilient covers that can be easily sealed. 

Try to always keep your counter-tops, sinks and kitchen floors clean and remove any food that a mice will have access to easily.



 Seal All Entry Points: You should also identify entry points and sell them. Thus, you should check out for every possible entry point they might want to use into your home. Check out for cracks, hole or crevices. When you have found these, try sealing them with steels or concretes. That way you are sure mice would not be finding their way into your home.  One thing you should also consider doing is to check out the open areas that are bound to be around pipes and seal them. You can also check out the holes around gas lines or dryer vents. Mice are capable of drilling holes as long they have a place initiating it for them. Thus, if they find an entry point as small as pencil erasers, they will find their way into your home. 

It is, therefore, recommended that you take every hole you encounter in your home serious.

Extermination: There are several ways to tackle sending mice out of your home.

Traps: You can go the way of traps. You have to be careful because snap traps can hurt humans too. They are dangerous and should be placed where you are sure human contact will barely get to. 

Another type of trap is the glue trap, which can be used to trap these mice but you have to place it in such a way they will not jump it over. 

When you use any trap, you have to available to dispose of captured mice. For you to know the type of traps to use, ensure you understand the patterns of the rodent you are dealing with. And you must also be ready to under the traps. This will give you effective result.

Baits: These are one other effective means of getting rid of mice. The only downside to it is that you use it to affect others if you are not careful with its usage. In fact, you might consider that these baits can affect your pets or even wildlife. It is really advisable to avoid using them at home.

What Mice Do?

Ever wondered why you should bother about a mice infestation? Then, here are a few details you should know.

  Feeding on Human Food: If allowed into the house, mice are fond of seeking out human food for their purpose. They not only eat them, but they also drop their debris on these foods. 

  Destruction of House Items: They are fond of destroying items at home like cartons, paper, boxes and plastics.  They use all these to create a nest for themselves.

  Transmission of Diseases: Their urine and feces serve as a home for pathogens like viruses and bacteria. When they drop these on your food on your path, you are likely to get soaked into a higher level of disease exposure. Some of the virus and bacteria they are known for are salmonella and hantavirus. You have to work towards getting rid of them.


What to Do When You Sight Them?

The sight of a single mouse indicates there are more on the way. The presence of that one is enough to create a space for the others to infest your home. They have a way of increasing at an alarming rate. Thus, you have to seek them out early. When their colonies are small, you can still get rid of them when they are a few numbers in their colonies. 

Be Desirous to Get Out: It is one thing to be proactive and another to be complacent about their existence in your home. You have to be ready to do something about their presence.

Use the Methods Employ Above:  You can easily use the methods employed above to get rid of your mice problem.  But sometimes it is time to call and expert for your mice extermination.  Trapping, and exclusion does take a good level of knowledge of their habits and behavior.


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