How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Couches

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Can bed bugs live in couches? Although their name may state otherwise but bed bugs do not only live in beds! Bed bugs may infest couches, rugs, carpet and luggage. 

Many people who find bed bugs in their couch or furniture do not know what to do and as a result throw their couch away. If your couch becomes infested by bed bugs do not kick it to the curb just yet. Instead of throwing it away, learn how to get rid of bed bugs on couches. 


Inspect Your Couch

The first step in getting rid of bed bugs on your couch is confirming that you do indeed have bed bugs. Too properly search your couch for bed bugs you will need a flashlight, magnifying glass, and an old credit card. You should also wear gloves while handling any potentially infected furniture.

To inspect your sofa for bed bugs, start by removing the cushions from your couch. Use the flashlight and magnifying to inspect all pillows and cushions as you remove them. Search every seem and zipper for signs of bed bugs. 

The following are what you should look for when inspecting for bed bugs:

  • Live Bed Bugs

Obviously the first thing you should look for when inspecting for bed bugs is bed bugs! If you see small round tan or brown creatures it is very likely that you have found bed bugs. Clear smaller bugs may be bed bug nymphs.

  • Black Fecal Spots

Bugs poop too. Black speckles and splotches on your couch are most likely fecal spots from your bed bugs. 

  • Sheds of skin

When bed bugs enter a new stage of life they shed their old skin leaving behind a little exoskeleton. Finding sheds of skin mean that the bed bugs may have been in your couch for a long time. 

  • Eggs

Bed bug eggs look like little grains of rice. They may be stuck on the sides or underneath of your couch. 

How To Remove Bed Bugs From Your Couch

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Your Couch

So you found bed bugs, but what comes next? Instead of throwing your bed bugs away follow these steps to remove bed bugs from your furniture”

  1. Wash

Begin by removing pillows, cushions and their covers. You can put these all straight into your washer and dryer. Wash and dry your cushions on their highest setting. Dry your cushions on high heat for about 90 minutes. Bed bug eggs can survive temperatures as high as 118 degrees (F). You can bring bulkier cushions to commercial laundromats. If you have even larger cushions that do not fit in the machine you can set them aside to steam later.

      2. Vacuum

Vacuuming your couch will help remove any bed bugs from the couch itself. Use a nozzle accessory to vacuum cracks and crevices in the couch. This will also help remove all the dirty and disgusting leftovers such as fecal matter and skin. Once you are done vacuuming, seal the remnants in a sealable plastic bag and dispose of it outside as soon as possible. 

      3. Steam Clean Your Couch

Using a steamer is an effective and eco-friendly way to kill bed bugs in your couch. The hot steam is able to penetrate the cushions and couch to kill any bed bugs hiding inside your sofa. 

      4. Use Bed Bug Spray

After doing step one through three, if you still see bed bugs you can use a professional chemical spray. This is not recommended if you have children or pets due to the chemical strength of over the counter pesticides. We recommend using a professional pest service if you decide to turn to chemical spray. 

     5. Use Bed Bug Traps

Small bed bug traps can be places under the legs of your couch to help prevent re infestation. Since bed bugs do not fly or jump they will have to climb through your trap to reach your couch. 



When to Call Professionals

If after following all these steps you still find bed bugs in your couch or other furniture it is best to call an exterminator. Using a pest professional can be a sure fire way to remove bed bugs from your home. 




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