How To Prevent Mosquito Bites


We all know that mosquitoes are obnoxious. But did you also know that mosquito bites can spread hundreds of deadly diseases from person to person? This is why it is extremely important to prevent mosquito bites when possible. Here are a few basic ways that you can help prevent mosquito bites and keep your family safe.


1. Remove Standing Water

One of the easiest ways to prevent mosquito bites is to prevent mosquitoes from breeding around your home. The female mosquito MUST lay her eggs in water. As well, it takes 14 days for a mosquito egg to turn into an adult. This means the “baby” mosquitoes must be able to live in standing water for 14 days. You can help stop the life cycle in its tracks by dumping standing water. If you have any open containers such as buckets, flower pots or bird baths, make sure to remove water from them regularly. If your home has water features or large puddles you can also add soap or other water chemicals to kill any mosquito larvae already in the water without dumping it. Removing standing water from your home is truly one of the most effective ways to prevent mosquitoes from your surrounding your home.

2. Install and Repair Window Screens

Who doesn’t love to enjoy a nice summer breeze in their home? Unfortunately, leaving windows and doors open can also be an easy way to allow mosquitoes and other pests to enter your home. Make sure that your home’s window screens are in tact and ready to block out unwanted guests. If possible, use mosquito nets around outdoor patios and furniture.


3. Use Repellents Containing DEET

DEET is extremely effective when it comes to repelling mosquitoes and ticks. For best use, rub the repellent directly onto your ankles, forearms and all the other exposed skin. As well, wearable mosquito repellent items such as bracelets and anklets do not work effectively. Products with about 7-10% DEET are ideal for mosquito repellent. We also recommend that you reapply bug spray about every 90 minutes outdoors,

4. Invest in a Mosquito Misting System

If you are someone who spends extended amounts of time outside we recommend investing in a Mosquito Misting System for your home. Whether you enjoy gardening or spending evenings on the patio, a misting system is guaranteed to give you the protection you need 24/7. The system works by strategically placing nozzles around your home and releasing a mist that repels mosquitoes. The system can be set up to automatically emit the repellent at peak mosquito activity or  when you and your family spend the most time outdoors. Most importantly, the materials in most mosquito misting systems are both family and pet friendly. 

5. Wear Tightly Woven and Long Sleeve Clothing

Mosquitoes are unable to penetrate tightly knit clothing. As well, many synthetic fibers such as that found in dry fit and high-tech athletic clothing should offer a great mosquito shield. There has also been some claim that mosquitoes are more attracted to dark clothing than to light clothing. We are not sure if this is true but it is worth trying out!

6. Plant Mosquito Repelling Plants

We recommend this tip as an added bonus. While this should definitely not be your only form of defense against mosquitoes, adding naturally repellent plants can help decrease the number of mosquitoes around your home. Citronella, lavender, marigolds, lemongrass and basil have all been shown to repel mosquitoes. While it is unlikely they will repel mosquitoes from your home completely, in large quantities is may help reduce the number of mosquitoes who make their way into your yard.


We hope you found this short article on how to prevent mosquito bites helpful. For mosquito treatment or misting system instillation in the Houston area reach out to the professionals at FullScope Pest Control. Call or text 832.898.0190 for more information.


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