Flea Control For Your Porter Home


Getting rid of fleas in your home is no small feat, and it can be costly. Fleas are unique pests, in that they feed on cats and dogs as well as humans. Flea bites are irritating and itchy, and even worse for people and pets with allergies. 

Fleas can transmit diseases, tapeworms, and all sorts of blood contaminants. Worse, they multiply very quickly once inside your home, so the quicker you act, the better. 

Fleas in Porter Texas

How do I get rid of fleas in my house fast?

On the plus side, fleas are outdoor creatures. Unfortunately, when a human or other animal walks by them in the grass, they will hitch a ride, and establish a presence indoors.





Homeowner Checklist for a Successful Flea Treatment
Homeowner Checklist for a Successful Flea Treatment

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Here are some things you can do to get rid of fleas at home. Flea problems indoors always begin outside your home:

  • Mow your lawn regularly. Fleas like to hide in tall grass. When you mow, carefully bag and dispose of the grass.  
  • Rid your yard of debris. Clean up dead leaves, branches, and twigs, and trim your shrubbery to let sunlight in wherever possible. 
  • Incorporate cedar chips around your lawn and home wherever feasible (around trees, around pet play areas), and on flower beds.
  • Spray your yard regularly (at least every couple of weeks) with a yard pesticide spray.


  • Thoroughly vacuum floors, furniture, pet bedding, pet areas, mattresses, cracks, and tight spaces where fleas might hide indoors. Seal up the vacuum bag tightly and dispose of it outdoors, in a trash container away from your house.  You can even reinforce by cleaning with a steam cleaner.
  • Wash bedding thoroughly. Launder your family’s your pets’ bedding in hot water, and dry at the highest heat setting. For heavy infestations, you may need to replace old bedding. 
  • Chemical treatments. After cleaning thoroughly, you can treat areas with aerosol flea killer sprays. Spray under pet beds, in corners, and under furniture. Use a pesticide that is labeled to kill adult fleas, and that also features an insect growth regulator (e.g., pyriproxyfen or methoprene) that will kill eggs, larvae, and pupae (which can be very difficult to kill with pesticides alone). Let the sprayed areas settle and dry before entering areas or letting pets into the area. In conjunction with pesticide treatments at home and in the yard, treat your pets with pesticide shampoos and flea/tick collars.

There’s plenty you can do to help get rid of and prevent fleas at home, but sometimes an infestation can get out of hand, and you may need to call in professional help. Call our 832.898.0190 Porter, TX pest control experts today! We can help you, your family, and pets enjoy a flea-free life at home.  


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