16 Facts About Fleas on Your Porter Property


Fleas are among the pests that Texas residents find themselves frequently dealing with, including in Porter, Texas. They are sneaky about finding their way in, and then they won’t leave your pets or you and your family alone. Here are 16 facts about these blood-sucking pests. 

Facts About Fleas

  1. A group of fleas is known as a “swarm.”
  2. Fleas are amazing jumpers. They can jump up to 150 times their own length, which is like a human being jumping the length and height of a football field.
  3. Fleas have powerful legs. They can jump as many as 30,000 times without taking a break. By the way, did you know? Fleas reverse their direction with every jump.
  4. When fleas jump, they accelerate up to 50 times faster than a space shuttle.
  5. Fleas can pull 160,000 times their own weight, which is the same as a human pulling about 2,700 double-decker buses.
  6. In as short a time as three weeks, one or two fleas on your pet can multiply into over 1,000. 
  7. Fleas don’t hear with ears the way other creatures do (they “hear” through feeling vibrations), and they are also practically blind.
  8. The world’s biggest flea is known as the Beaver flea, measuring up to 1/2″ long.
  9. Female fleas are known to lay up to 1,500 eggs in their lifetime.
  10. 95 percent of flea eggs, larvae, and pupae reside in rugs, carpets, and furniture, and not on your pet.
  11. Flea pupae are very impervious to pesticides and can live for up to one year in your home.
  12. Flea circuses (yes, they were a thing) originated in England in the 1500s.
  13. The game of “tiddlywinks” has its origins with fleas. In more than 15 European languages, “tiddlywinks” means “game of the flea.”
  14. Flea brides and grooms (dead, but dressed up) were extremely popular collector’s items in the 1920s.
  15. Fleas can live as few as 14 days and up to 12 months. 
  16. In most flea species, females are larger than their male counterparts. 

Fleas are sneaky about hitching a ride and getting into your home to feed on the blood of your pets and your family. They can show up even in the cleanest of homes, and even in homes without pets. Even by treating your home and pets and implementing other preventive measures, you might still get caught off guard by a hidden flea infestation. Save yourself all sorts of stress, and time and money by calling our Porter, TX pest control experts today!   

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