Getting Your Kingwood Home Ready for the Winter


As winter approaches, you’re looking forward to coming indoors from the cold nights and into the warmth of your Kingwood home. Invading pests are looking forward to just the same thing! All bugs crave shelter, food, and water, and your home might be just the stop they’re looking for. Unless you can do what it takes to eliminate the conditions that attract bugs into your home to begin with. 

There’s quite a bit you can do, starting in the late summer and early fall, to help keep pests at bay, including spiders, earwigs, Boxelder bugs, etc. Keep in mind that some pests (like German cockroaches) are indoor creatures and can show up at any time to make a nuisance of themselves, while others specifically head indoors to avoid the colder weather of winter. Also keep in mind that some bugs (like spiders and scorpions) will show up in your home to hunt and eat other bugs who are present, like ants and flies. Get rid of the conditions that attract the bugs, and they will go elsewhere. Get rid of the bugs, and the spiders and scorpions will go elsewhere.  

Texas has plenty of good examples of pests that want to get out of the cold and into your warm home.  


Help Get Your Home Pest Free for the Winter

Here are some things that may seem basic, but they do a lot to help reduce bug-friendly conditions in your home and yard.

Cleaning. Even the cleanest homes have bug problems from time to time (bugs can be very resilient and resourceful at finding food and water), but keeping your home, basement, garage, etc., clean and tidy is your first step to help reduce bugs at home. 

Yardwork. Keeping your lawn mowed, foliage trimmed, and yard free of clutter (limbs, stumps, leaf piles, etc.) will also help reduce bug populations outside. Keep your garden weeded, and keep mulch and firewood at least 20 feet away from the side of your home and sheds. Clean out your rain gutters, and get rid of standing water around your yard (including changing out pet bowls and bird baths regularly).

Sealing. Yes, the better job you can do of keeping possible entry points for pests sealed up, the more you’ll do to reduce their numbers getting indoors. Make sure window and door screens, door sweeps, and weatherproofing is in good repair. Caulk or spackle up cracks, crevices, and other gaps on your home’s exterior where pests could get in.   

Don’t let pests move into your home to overwinter! Keep an eye out for pest problems around your home and yard and do what you can to help prevent pests. But you don’t have to let DIY pest control projects take up all your weekends and days off. Even with all your best preventive measures and clean home, you may still find yourself dealing with pests getting indoors occasionally. Call our Kingwood, TX pest control experts today at 832-898-0190 and we can help you save all sorts of money, stress, and time.  

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