Flea Extermination Options for Your Home

Best Flea Pest Control \ Extermination Options

When you have pets, chances are you will need to find the best in flea control options on the market.  But not only do pet owners have to deal with fleas, even neighbors of pet owners, area’s with high populations of strays or even rodents, need to be concerned with flea control. There are two main areas to consider treating when you find yourself dealing with a flea problem, flea extermination for both the home and the yard.

Fleas can be a concern for any homeowner or pet owner, particularly if they have infested the home and are biting members of the family. By taking measures to eliminate the pests, it is possible to eliminate any dangers that are associated with the insect. Since fleas can cause allergic reactions, pass on tapeworms, and cause other health concerns, it is important to find the best control options to eliminate them and reduce the risks to ensure that your family is as safe as possible.

Because fleas can easily invade the home and yard very quickly, and populations get out of control, it is best not to avoid a flea problem and have a pest professional company come out and treat immediately.

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A Flea Pest Control Company Offers Better Solutions

There are a couple of things we can do really well when you hire a  professional flea control company.  First we have the right products, and combinations to end the flea problem and get you control quickly.  Products are not the only benefit to paying for a professional flea service, we also have the equipment.  For most yards and property the ability for one of out technicians to come out to your home apply granules and the apply an enormous amount of water / insecticide into the soil, make the difference between a little control and eradication.

We also understand in depth the life cycle of the flea, and habitat and help explain the necessary steps to be successful.

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Best of all, Our Flea Control Services come with a guarantee!  So although we typically do not have to come back out for a second service, we will at no additional charge.

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We are here to answer your questions and make it easy to reach anyone of our staff, through phone, text, email or chat.  Our

Here are some of the traditional flea control options you will find on the market.

Treatments for Pets

Pets can bring in fleas when they are outside or when they are exposed to the pests during a walk or an excursion. One of the options that can help control fleas is to treat a pet with an appropriate spray or treatment option.

The best treatments for pets are environmentally friendly and safe for the skin of the pet. Do not use any product that is not specifically designed to treat fleas on a dog, cat, or other animals. There are new flea control pills that can be purchased from your vet to control fleas on your pet. To make sure your pet doesn’t get infected again, make sure to remove the insects from furniture or non-living items.

Flea treatments for the yard can be done as prevention at the beginning of the flea season, typically around April or May in the North Houston Area. By having a professional apply a residual insecticide to the lawn, you can usually prevent a flea outbreak before it begins.

Flea Control Sprays

Sprays that are designed for indoor use are ideal if the fleas have gotten into the house and have infested the carpets. Use a spray as soon as the insects are identified to ensure that they are killed and will not cause further problems. These sprays are most effective in an aerosol form and are labeled to be used as broadcast on floors, furniture, and drapes. They are easy to apply and dry quickly. Most of the flea control sprays contain an added ingredient called an insect growth regulator, which will help in controlling the life cycle.

It is important to follow some simple steps for flea control, no matter if you plan on treating it yourself or paying a professional pest control company to treat your flea problem.

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    Remove as many items from the floor area as possible; this will give your or a technician the best chance of getting the chemicals in the areas where the flea will be located the floor.

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    Vacuum before treatment to remove and dislodge adult fleas and flea eggs. The vacuuming also will cause the flea eggs to hatch. This will help with the control so that the adulticide applied can be highly effective.

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    Vacuum again in about a week.

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    Clean your pets bedding or the area that the animals spend most of their resting time.

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    Follow the instructions on the spray and use it in the way that is directed. Sprays can be environmentally friendly and are safe for pets or small children.

Growth Regulators

When the fleas infest a home, using a growth regulator can help reduce the problem within a short period of time. Growth regulators are a treatment that prevents fleas from growing into adulthood. Over time, it kills the fleas and prevents them from spreading. This is usually included in the aerosol sprays for fleas, and your pest control professional can address any questions you may have about these treatments.

Flea Extermination Options for Your Home

Flea Removal for Yard:

Flea pest control and extermination to remove fleas from your yard can for some be difficult to try and DIY.  A professional exterminator will have the right products, and equipment to eliminate fleas from your yard for the entire season.  But here are a few steps if you want to give it a try or understand what we do to remove them from the yard.

There are different types of products that can be applied to your yard to control and prevent fleas. Using the correct products and just as important is the proper application of these products insure a successful flea extermination. When you hire an experienced pest control operator, we have the knowledge of the fleas life cycle, habitat and protocols that are tested and work, GUARANTEED.

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Few items that help improve the success of a flea treatment for your yard:

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    Mow the lawn before scheduled service

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    Remove or pick up as many items out of the yard, such as toys, dog bowls, etc.

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    Have you pets treated for fleas the day of the service

Liquid Insecticides

When a pest control operators come to your home to treat you can expect him to spray a residual insecticide on the lawn and other areas where pets can be hanging out. With the help of their high-pressure sprayer, then can deliver the necessary amount of insecticide and water to cover the area and get the flea control spray where the fleas are located.


Since fleas can infest a yard or outdoor space, it can also be important to treat the back and front yard. Environmentally friendly flea control granules are a good choice to eliminate the insects before they move into the house. Spread the granules according to the instructions.  Most will need to be watered in to activate the chemical, and your pets and family should stay out of the area until completely dry.  Concentrate your efforts on shady areas of the yard, since fleas cannot survive in direct sunlight.

Your pest control professional may also recommend a good thorough insecticide be sprayed to quickly knock down the adults in the yard. This is usually done with a high pressured sprayer and large amounts of water so that all the areas of the yard can be treated for flea control.

There are several ways to control fleas, but the best solution is to eliminate them at an early stage so that they cannot cause health concerns. Families that have pets should treat their pets to limit the risks and should check for fleas in the yard, carpet, or house on a regular basis. Early treatment can prevent an infestation from spreading and makes it easier to eliminate the pests.

At FullScope Pest Control we offer the most comprehensive flea extermination service, very effective method of flea control for your home and yard, and can address any questions you may have about product selection and application.  What are you waiting for aren’t you ready to call a flea exterminator near you?

Professional Flea Removal, Extermination and Elimination

Knowing and understanding the flea biology and life cycle is a key tool in eliminating them from your home and yard.

Here are a few things to consider when you are deciding to DIY or hire a professional:

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    We have the knowledge and experience of flea biology and habitat.

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    We have the professional products to eliminate them once and for all.

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    We have the professional equipment to treat properly to eliminate fleas

Treating the Yard for Fleas

Fleas are not just a problem inside the home or on your pest, they exist in the yard. We always recommend that both the home and yard be exterminated for fleas if you have an active infestation. Our professional pest control products when applied to the yard will provide most homeowners with 90 days of control. So we kill the fleas that are there and prevent any new infestations for the season.

Fleas Can Come From Other Animals

Just moved in and not sure why you have fleas? or maybe you do not actually have a pet, but are finding the fleas in the yard? Wildlife animals that move through your yard or take up residency under your home can be the culprit.  Our professionally trained staff will address all these concerns with  you and discuss the best course of action.

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More About Fleas:

There are a huge range of flea types all over the US. And the problem is that they are very hard to detect or deal with most of the time. Even if fleas are very small in size, a flea infestation can be very problematic and cause homeowners stress.  Not having the proper knowledge of fleas and proper products, can make it difficult to eliminate. Plus, fleas cause issues for your pets also.. So it’s very important to understand the types of fleas that are out there. This way you can figure out which ones are infesting your home and how you get rid of them.

Types of Fleas

The cat fleas are maybe the most common flea types out there. They infest cats, wild animals, dogs and humans alike. These are general types of fleas and while they are not exactly very large, they do carry diseases to animals and that can be extremely problematic. The cat fleas are around ¼ inch long, dark brown to black and they don’t fly. However they do jump mostly thanks to their strong legs.

Cats get these fleas because they go outdoors a lot. These fleas can be found in warm, wet locations. But at the same time your cat can easily get them from vegetation, so you don’t really have that much of control over them to begin with. Their bites can lead to flea borne typhus, secondary bacterial infection, flea tapeworms or even bartonellosis. Sometimes these fleas can lead to murine typhus and cat scratch disease. Basically it’s a very problematic type of flea and you have to find a way to remove it as fast as possible.

We use various techniques to prevent birds from Unlike cat fleas, dog fleas are widely spread in Europe, Africa, Asia and not that much in the US. They are very similar to cat fleas, however the differences can be seen via the microscope. They extract as well as eat the blood of host animals. Since these fleas won’t leave the host voluntarily, it’s important to note that they can be removed. However, they do have a tendency to return to the original host, so they either have to be killed or complete removed. So yes, they are just as dangerous as cat fleas, just not as common when compared to the, at least in the US.nesting and to roost on your property. Our technicians will place netting around any areas where birds are currently building a nest, but we also offer other methods like bird spikes and repellents.

Human Fleas are those fleas that target people and which use them as a host for their blood meals. These fleas are widely encountered in the case of humans and pigs alike. Usually these fleas tend to like food sources that are rich in blood and which are extremely large. Just like any other type of flea, removing them is very hard and you will need to undergo a special treatment. You can still do it, however the entire process is challenging and it takes a lot of time. The more they stay with the same host, the harder it will be for you to remove that flea, however there are lots of treatments that can help with flea removal.

These are also known as Sand Fleas. You will find such fleas near marshes, beaches and coastal areas. These critters irritate the skin a little bit, however they can transmit diseases and many other health problems. It can be a true problem for you, as they grab onto the sole and then go directly on your skin. They are not as powerful or as problematic as other fleas, but they are certainly a nuisance and you have to eliminate them the best way that you can. However, with the right approach you can try to remove them. You just have to find the right method that can be used to eliminate these fleas naturally. It will work very well as long as you have the right amount of patience.

The Sticktight Fleas are very common for wild animals. You won’t find Sticktight Fleas near your home most of the time, unless you have a home in the woods. These fleas tend to affect birds, poultry and squirrels. While they are mostly something you find in the wild, there are times when Sticktight Fleas can reach humans and pets alike. Which is why you need to make sure that you find the right way to eliminate them naturally and with great success. If you want to get rid of Sticktight Fleas, you need to wash your fabrics multiple times and also use some anti-flea products too. Due to where they live, the Sticktight Fleas are heavily adapted to harsh environments, so removing them can be extremely tricky.

And lastly you have Rat Fleas. These are small parasites common mostly to rodents. They are the ones that carry bubonic plague and many other diseases. The way these Rat Fleas transmit diseases is they bit a rodent and then they bite a human or an animal. They start as white eggs dropped by a female and the larvae have around 5 mm in length, sometimes even more. But unlike most of the adult rat fleas, the larvae do not consume blood. However as they start growing they do start consuming blood. The adult Rat Fleas have two eyes, yet despite that they can’t see, they just register light with those. And just like many other fleas they can jump very high despite not having wings.

As you can see, there are many different types of fleas that you can find out there. If you want to stay healthy or keep your pets healthy, it’s important to identify any flea infestation and deal with it the best way that you can. If you don’t remove fleas fast, this can lead to a major infestation and health issues for people and pets as well. That’s why you may want to consider a preventative flea control strategy. It can end up being a huge problem, so try to take that into consideration if you can and it will be well worth it if you remove them quickly.

At FullScope Pest Control we offer a superior solution of flea control for your home and yard, and can address any questions you may have about product selection and application.  So if you are searching for a flea exterminator near you, then give us a call and find out why we are the #1 Pest Control Company in North Houston Area.

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