Bed Bugs vs Fleas: How to Tell the Difference



Bed Bugs vs. Fleas

So you need to know how to tell if you have fleas or bed bugs?  What are the differences between fleas and bed bugs?  Keep reading and we will help you figure out exactly what is biting you and how to tell the difference.




Both Bed Bugs and fleas are known for being quite the nuisance in our homes. But if we know how to handle them correctly, the nuisance will be gone and we can finally deal with it the right way.

But how do you tell the difference between bed bugs and fleas? One way is to know the common behaviors of each.  Fleas are attached typically to your pet or some other rodent, the eggs will fall off when they jump or if their blood source is removed.  Bed bugs hide and then come out to feed, so they are usually found where humans are resting, which is usually bedrooms and living areas.


That being said, finding the best way to differentiate the two and also figure out how they are different will actually come in handy. With that in mind, there are some things that you need to take into account when it comes to these parasites in your home.

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In the battle between bed bugs vs fleas I wonder who would win?

Bed Bugs and fleas are similar in many ways. They reproduce and also feed on animal or human blood. That means they can easily carry diseases from animals to people or other animals too.

It can be very hard to figure out how to deal with a problem like this, so finding the right approach can indeed pay off a lot. These pests use their very small size as an advantage.

And that’s why you will find fleas and bed bugs in various places within your home. But they will infest different areas and hide in different spots.  Knowing where to look and some simple signs will help you determine exactly what you have biting you.

How can these infestations appear?

Both Bed Bugs and fleas reproduce very fast. They end up being very problematic to deal with, especially if you don’t eradicate them as soon as possible.


Things can be very challenging and that’s why you need to find a good, reliable way to approach all of this adequately. If anything, the best thing that you can do is to see what causes Bed Bugs and fleas to appear. And you also need to identify the potential differences between the two.


Difference between fleas and bed bug bites?  The easiest way to tell the difference between bed bugs and flea bites is usually the location of the bites or reddness.  Bed bug bites are typically on the torso area, around these areas listed below:

  • neck
  • face
  • hands
  • shoulders
  • arms
  • leg

Bed Bug Bites


Bed bugs are usually introduced to a home or apartment, could have been brought in with a backpack or a visiting guest.  Fleas can be introduced into a home from a pet, or maybe even a rodent.

How to Prepare for a Bed Bug Extermination Service

Location of flea bites is also and another way to tell the difference between fleas and bed bugs.

Flea bites are typically located around the legs and the ankles and can look very similar to a bed bug bite as they cause redness to the skin.



What you have to realize about these  two different pests is that they are quite different at least when it comes to their looks. bed bugs are reddish brown in regards to their color and you can see them with the naked eye, so they are pretty large to begin with.

How to Get Rid of bed bugs

However, there are some differences to consider too. The bed bugs are oval and flat, but the fleas are long and narrow. They do appear to have a flattened body from the top to bottom though.

And that’s where some of the confusion comes into play. But that’s all there is to it most of the time. The most important factor when it comes to Bed Bugs is that they are oval, and it’s a lot easier to identify them.

However, you can expect situations when you just can’t distinguish the two just because they are so similar to one another.


Flea Control in Kingwood


This is yet another similar thing that you need to take into consideration. Both fleas and bed bugs seek mammals as hosts, that’s because they feed on blood. However, fleas will feed on dogs and cats most of the time.

Hopefully, now you know how to tell the difference between fleas and bed bugs.  The treatments and preparations are different, so let the expert handle your biting insect extermination.

How to Prepare for a Flea Extermination



You might see them on humans at times, but that’s extremely rare to be honest. Bed bugs are, however, mostly seeking human hosts. And that’s why a lot of people dislike them, mainly because they end up bringing in major irritations and can be very difficult to eliminate.

Homeowner Checklist for a Successful Flea Treatment
Homeowner Checklist for a Successful Flea Treatment

Just because you see some bites on your pet or yourself is not exactly a sufficient method to help you identify any bed bugs or fleas. Even the biting appearance might not be able to give you enough information.

In fact, the Bed Bug and flea bites can look very similar or even identical. Which is why it’s can be difficult for a homeowner to know exactly what pest they have.


Bed Bugs are unable to jump or fly. They just crawl slowly and that’s it. Which makes it a lot easier for you to deal with them. Fleas on the other hand are known for leaping very long distances and that makes them a lot harder to catch.   

Old trick of wearing white socks and rubbing your feet around on the floors to see if you have something black jump on your socks. This will not work for bed bugs, they do not travel very far and stay close to the blood host.

How can you eliminate fleas and Bed Bugs from your home?

The best thing that you can do is to contact a specialist. Pest Professionals will know how to identify the infestation and what causes it. And once that happens, they will also find the right way to remove these pests as fast as possible.

But there are things that will help make any pest control treatment more effective.  Try to de-clutter rooms and remove excessive items off the floors. This will help make flea control easier and more effective.  

If the problem is fleas and you have pets then you will want to make sure to have your pet treated, most pest professional will offer a spray or flea collar for purchase.

Which is why we encourage you to work closely with a professional. He will know how to handle the process and how to make sure that there are no problems. It will bring in amazing results and the experience can indeed be among some of the best once you get rid of them.


We encourage you to avoid rushing into eliminating these pests. It’s a good idea to have a plan, and that’s why working with a professional does make a lot of sense. You will have a peace of mind while also eliminating these pests the right way!

Hopefully we have helped you understand whats the difference between fleas and bed bugs so that you can determine what pest you are dealing with, of course we are here to help you.  Feel free to call or email the experts and let us help you decide the best course of action for your flea or bed bug pest problem.


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