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What is wildlife exclusion?

Wildlife Exclusion is the practice of prevention, this may include multiple techniques, including sealing up entry points and habitat modification.

Habitat changes would include limiting food and water sources, or reducing harborage or shelter areas.

Not all wildlife should be treated equal, so it is important to rely on a local wildlife expert with industry expertise.  


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Steps would be taken to find the point of entry and determine the best, most effective removal methods and then the proper exclusion.

Wildlife experts will know the place to look and the questions to ask homeowners to determine best wildlife removal and exclusion methods.

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Squirrel Gnaw Marks

Whether you have rats, or bats,  in the attic or crawl space, calling on a professional in the wildlife industry is your best option.  Simple steps can prevent extensive damage, cost and even health risk. Exclusion treatments help prevent animal entry, so you do not have to deal with these issues down the road.

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How much does it cost to remove animals from attic?

Wildlife removal from an attic can has different levels of cost, starting somewhere around $150.00 up to $450.00 depending on the severity and difficulty of the trapping.  The best option is to call for an estimate of quote, simply call or request quote and the technician will be able to listen to your specific situation and give you a rough number on the cost.

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Common Texas Home Invader

Because wildlife control is a more specialized type of pest control service and requires a deeper knowledge of the behavior of the wildlife, such as squirrels, rats and racoons, if will cost a little more.  

Trapping on the exterior of a home or garage is easier than having to trap animals that have taken up residence inside your attic or crawl space.  You want a company that is professional and responsive to your needs. Quick response time is also important when you are looking for service provider in your area for wildlife control.

But in the end doing nothing will cost you more than the actual wildlife removal service.   Because of the possible damage to electrical wiring, insulation and also health risk, waiting should not be an option.

We would always recommend after the wild life animal is removed that we provide some exclusion work to prevent this from happening again.  Prevention is always the best policy.

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How much does it cost to remove a squirrel?

When you figure out you have a squirrel in your attic or crawl space, you might be thinking about how much it will cost for someone to remove the squirrel.  Good questions, most of the time you should expect anywhere from $225.00 to possibly upwards of $600.00. The cost depends on the severity of the squirrel infestation and also the type of structure.  

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Home Exclusion Techniques in Texas

Most professional pest control companies that are licensed and bonded, will also provide wildlife exclusion to prevent any re-entry of the home of business.  This includes sealing up the openings, suggestions on structural repairs and recommendations of vegetation removal.

Cost will also be determine by the expected number of return visits and the cleanup process needed to sanitize the infected area from animal feces and nesting materials.

You will want someone who is knowledgeable, professional and respectful of your time.  The easiest way to get a more accurate cost on squirrel remove is to contact the service provider and speak directly with a professional pest expert, then can give you an estimate over the phone.  Having all the facts and information, will help the wildlife expert proceed with the most effective animal trapping method.

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What is wildlife control?

Wildlife control is basically the baiting, trapping and exclusion methods to keep unwanted guest out of your home or building.  Certain seasons a home becomes the target of wildlife, whether they are looking for shelter from colder temperatures or a place to start their family.  Rats, mice, squirrels, racoons, opossums can wreck you attic and crawl spaces and even cause health issues.

How to kill ratsHow to Control and Eliminate Rats and Mice
Rat Entry Points House

Rodents and other animals are very skilled in gaining accesses to our homes and garages. With an endless array of food sources in neighborhoods, whether it is pet food, bird food, or stored items, we give them every reason to stick around.

Suburban life also lends quite well to these invading animals.

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