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Squirrel Exclusion


Squirrels are beautiful animals, but the reality is that they can also become pests too. The important thing to focus on here is finding a way to eliminate and prevent them naturally without harming them or the environment. Doing that is definitely the tricky part, but there are a variety of options and things to consider in a situation like this. It’s a great idea to think about, and the payoff alone will be because prevention, exclusion and habitat reduction are some of the most important steps to keeping squirrels out of your attic.

See where they enter your home

Squirrels tend to be in trees all the time, so if you have trees near your home and you keep the windows open, then that’s how they are entering your home. You will also notice that some squirrels also enter through the attic or climb walls. Of course, if you don’t leave any window or door open, they can’t get in. At the same time, if they find cracks in the walls or your roof, they will tackle that and it’s an important aspect to think about all the time. You really want to adapt to the process and make it work, and the outcome can be a great one all the time. 

Keep a single entry point open in your home

Squirrel Exclusion

The thing that you want to focus on the most is to see when and how squirrels enter your home. That’s why you want to seal every single entry point aside from one. And there you can have all kinds of methods that will help you catch the squirrels. If you have multiple entry points, catching the squirrel can be quite the nightmare, so you have to be fully prepared to handle this correctly and the results will be very impressive every time if you choose to do this properly and at the highest possible level. Once you leave that entry point open, you will know when and how squirrels are entering your home. And if they are not coming there for a few days, then you will be fine. It takes a bit of commitment to handle this properly, but something as simple as placing a piece of newspaper there can make quite the difference.



Offer squirrels some incentives to step away from your home

If you leave food or anything like that, it would be an incentive to come to your home. Of course, you also need to offer them an incentive to go away. Seal up the entry point right away and keep everything locked to avoid any squirrels from entering your home. The most important aspect here is to make sure that you tackle the process adequately and if you do it right it will totally be worth it in the end no matter the situation. Of course, squirrels can be very tricky to deal with, especially if they have any babies in the attic for example. That’s why we recommend you to stop them from entering your home as soon as you see them. Otherwise you have problems.


Using squirrel traps

Traps are very good because you will have some great results in there. That being said, working with a professional is a good option. Even if you install the trap, you still have to deal with the animal once you catch it, so knowing how to do that is what you have to focus on the most. It’s definitely an important aspect to think about, and you will need to eliminate all the hassle so you can focus on the best possible approach and experience all the time. With that in mind, pick the right kind of trap and use it wisely, then the payoff will be second to none every time in a situation like this.


Take the right precautions 

You should always seal up all the entry points in your home. On top of that, trimming the trees is just as important if they are close to the windows. In addition, you also need to be certain that you use proper traps if that’s needed. Knowing how to handle something like this is a crucial aspect, so you might as well want to focus on exclusion.  Making sure that all the entry points are sealed, and keeping tree branches away from the house roof line.

Inspection of the home, roof line, chimney, etc should happen every year, it is not seal once and forget it.  They will be trying to gain access every year.


How to Keep Squirrels Out


Make sure that you talk with a professional if you want to eliminate squirrels from your attic. This is not the kind of job that you should try to do on your own. It’s important to understand and handle it correctly, otherwise there will be lots of problems. Once you know how to manage that wisely,  exclude them, the sounds of squirrels running around will stop.  Not sure whether you have a squirrel?  Could be any sort of furry creature living in your home and attic. Might be time to call an expert, and let our experience and knowledge help you eliminate rodents for good.

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