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Old Man Winter Has Arrived in Kingwood, TX


Well here is winter, we went from 80-degree temperatures to a freeze tonight, pretty scary how Kingwood, TX temperature can fluctuate.

Kingwood it is time to get ready for winter, follow these few rules to be pest free in your fireplace and chimney.
Here are a few things you should think about and pay attention to before we light that fireplace and get your house nice and warm.
In North Houston Texas area, we can get away with light the fireplace to just get the chill out of the air, but before you do that you may need to think about a few things first when it comes to pest control.

Keep your Firewood Outside and only bring in what you need,  wood piles can be a big harborage are for pest, you will want to take a good look at the wood pieces before you bring them inside to make sure you are not bringing in a freeloader.  Maybe think about knocking the pieces of wood together to make sure.


Keep the Flue of the chimney shut when not in use, insects and around Houston area lizards and gecko’s can easily make their way inside the opening.  Keeping it shut up tight will keep those pests outside.  Remember to close it after use will also keep the heat you inside your home and not going up the chimney.

Think about installing a chimney cap on to keep our many little furry and feathered friends out of the chimney.  These are easy to install, can be decorative and in the Kingwood, Texas area is necessary to prevent invaders.

Doors on the hearth will prevent excess moisture, pest entry and again the loss of warmth.  Always a good idea to think about having one installed and make sure it can be shut properly and that the outer areas are sealed up tight.

Hope this information helps you get ready to winter and first lighting of the fireplace!  We can assist you in all your winter pest control needs at FullScope Pest Control.  Call us today!

If for any reason you think you have a pest inside the chimney or you want it to be inspected you can call us at FullScope Pest Control for a free estimate.  We can help you get rid of any of your chimney pests, whether insects and or rodents.


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