Termites: The Good and The Bad and The Ugly

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Surprisingly, termites are a beneficial insect, just not in our house. The problem with termites is that nobody wants them in their house, and for good reasons. As a colony, some species of termites can consume over a half a ton of wood in a single year. That is an incredible amount of your foundation to disappear in just a single year. Subterranean termites are the most common and widespread termites and consist of a very destructive group of insects in the United States. They get their name because of the fact that the workers of the Subterranean Termites have to have some contact with the soil and excavate passages in mud tubes to reach the wood that is buried in the soil or has direct contact with the soil.

If it is time for a termite inspection or you have been told that you have a termite infestation, we can help. Let us talk you through the entire procedure of termite control methods and give you a few options, then you can pick what works best for your pocketbook.

The termites that consume the wood inside your walls and your home’s foundation also have a colony located somewhere in the wood that they are consuming. They burrow and tunnel through the wood by eating what they please. To get rid of termites that have already infested your home you have to go to the source.


Product types that work well on Termites

To get rid of termites you have to get to the queen and the colonies, not just the workers.   This is why there are new termiticides on the market that give us the upper hand and work by coming in contact with the worker termites and are shared with entire colony including the queen, so the entire population is killed. The queen termite is quite large, and her body is made for producing eggs. A queen termite can live for upwards of 15 years. In the span of her life, she can lay 160,000,000 or more eggs.  That is a whole heap of wood consuming insects just from one pair of termites. FullScope has several solutions available to help combat termites and the damage that they do; we can stop them in their tracks.

Liquid Termite Pesticides: Most of the products that can penetrate into the soil and are meant to stay there protecting your home from termites for years.   Because subterranean termites tunnel and forage through the soil, liquid termiticide is a perfect control and elimination process for most homeowners.

Termite Bait: It is not always possible to soak timber enough for the toxins to reach the colony. Another way to help out that process is to use termite bait. Bait works really well because the foraging termites will take the poison back to the colony where it will be consumed.

Foam Termite Control: Even for hard to reach spots, a foam product can be used to coat cracks and inject down holes. The benefit of foam is that it clings to the surface and in entry points where it acts as a preventative for future infestations.

Surface Liquids and Granules: As another form of prevention, surface sprays and granules can be used to protect the area around your home from termites and other hole-boring insects, such as beetles. Granules come in time-release formulas so that they last through lawn watering and rain showers. For an area that is small, it can make easy work of a little termite problem, but it is considered only a spot treatment and not a stand-alone option.

So homeowners have plenty of options when it comes to treating termite infestations. Depending on the intensity of the infestation one or more options may work well to protect your home from the damage that termites cause, and we can discuss all of your options with you.

There are several options for termite control including liquid, foam, granules, and bait traps. Whether you are choosing a method to help eradicate termites or looking for a method that helps prevent the colonization of termites and protect your home, FullScope has the top brands and products in a variety of forms.

This is why it is important to understand and know your termite risk. Having someone on your team to keep your most important investment protected is worth every penny. Whether you need a termite inspection, termite treatment or prevention, we can handle the job and help you rest easy. FullScope has your back when it comes to termites.


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