How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes


What does Mosquito look like?

Latin Name: Family Culicidae

Mosquitoes are of the true flies, Diptera, family. You can easily identify them through the following means:

  • This means they have just a pair of wings. 
  • Their legs are long and thin.
  • They have a head and proboscis, which is its prominent feature.
  • Their bodies are covered with tiny scales.
  • Their wings are also are covered in tiny scales.
  • Their adult sizes can be about 3-9 mm

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Getting rid of mosquitoes can be done in different ways. To get a good result, you must integrate your effort with the use of chemical control products. Their breeding site is usually around water. To get them, you have to seek out and stop the source of water. Although you have a higher chance of getting rid of these mosquitoes when you stop the sources of water, you will get a better result when you supplement it with chemicals.


life cycle of mosquitoes

Professional inspection

Another way to get rid of mosquitoes is to use professional help in getting rid of the mosquitoes in your house. You can use different means to do this:

  1. Inspection:  Allow the professional to do a meticulous inspection of your home to ascertain the source of their increase, their breeding sites and the kind of mosquitoes causing the problem in your house.
  2. Identification: Know the type of mosquitoes you are dealing with.
  3. Recommendations: The professionals will be ready to recommend and assist you to treat both the source and also recommend chemical products that will help you with the reduction of the problem sources.


Like Recommended Source Reduction

The professionals might tell you the following as regards the location of the sources:

  1. Locate Where They Come From: They will provide you with a prepared diagram that shows you places in your properties mosquitoes have chosen as their development sites.
  2. Send Them Out of the House: They will also provide you with recommendations that will help you ensure the mosquitoes are kicked out of your home.
  3. Elimination of their Hiding Spots: They will provide recommendations on how to manage vegetation around your home since this place is one of the best breeding spots for them, especially in the day time.


Treating Mosquitoes

As shown above, you will be receiving some recommendations from experts but most of their recommendations will be tied around the following:

  1.  Vegetation Treatments:  You will be shown the insecticide to use on vegetation around your home. These vegetation treatments will help you chase the mosquitoes that use this place as their resting sites.
  2.  Water Treatment: They will show you how to apply for insect growth regulators that help in preventing mosquitoes from developing in any environment with water.
  3. Prevent Eggs from Hatching: Since this is a sleeping army awaiting the cracking of their shells, you need to get rid of them. Thus, these professionals will show you how to apply microbial insecticide products that will help in putting a stop to the mortality of mosquito eggs in their water environments.

How to protect yourself from mosquitoes

Mosquito Facts

  1. Feeding: When it comes to feeding, the male adult mosquitoes stay away from blood, while the females feed on blood because it aids their eggs production. Yet, not all female mosquitoes feed on blood. Some of them prefer to keep taking nectars as well as other sugars along with their male counterparts.
  2. Appearance: In regards to their proboscis, those of the female mosquitoes extend out from their mouth area and are even smooth to some extent. The adult males, male’s own, however, are bushy.
  3. Antennae Appearance: The males have hairs or plume on their antenna, which assist them in hearing. They have ‘feathery’ antennae plumes that are also large. Meanwhile, the females have antennae that are less feathery and smoother.
  4. Size and Life Span: Being shorter than their female counterparts, the male adult mosquitoes are liable to die before their females.
  5. Disease Spread: It is no longer news that mosquitoes can spread several diseases to people from different places. This time, however, there are a lot of reports of encephalitis being spread across the United States.
  6. Airborne Coupling: Mosquitoes are fond of ‘coupling’ in the air.  According to experts, the mosquitoes are attracted to different things.  While the male is attracted to the sounds of the females, the females are attracted to the wing beat of the male, which made them ‘couple’ in the air

Custom Mosquito Control Solutions

There are experts available that are not only good with ridding homes of mosquitoes but are also good with every other insect. You can contact them to help you stay safe.


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