Exterminator vs Integrated Pest Management

Exterminators vs Pest Management
In the old days, the common terminology when you needed to get rid of a pest you would search for the word exterminator, or look in the phone book under the exterminator section.
But just like the internet, things have changed and in a good way.

So lets define Integrated Pest Management. IPM as it is referred to, is a method of using a broad-based approach to control of pests in the most cost effective manner, employing all the potential tools to effectively manage pests.

It is not just a spray and hope for the best method. IPM aims to suppress pest populations, while minimizing the chemical footprint left behind.
At FullScope, we are Pest Management Professionals, who utilize IPM to the highest level.

Following Steps for Prevention, Cultural Controls, Physical or mechanical controls and Biological Control. http://ipm.ucanr.edu/GENERAL/whatisipmurban.html

The Difference Between Exterminators and Pest Professional

We use a combination of prevention methods, including exclusion, repellants, chemicals, baits  and the most targeted pest control approach available.

The Definition of Exterminator:  

someone who exterminates (especially someone whose occupation is the extermination of troublesome rodents and insects)


eradicator, terminator

Definition of Integrated Pest Management

Definition of IPM

IPM is an ecosystem-based strategy that focuses on long-term prevention of pests or their damage through a combination of techniques such as biological control, habitat manipulation, modification of cultural practices, and use of resistant varieties. Pesticides are used only after monitoring indicates they are needed according to established guidelines, and treatments are made with the goal of removing only the target organism. Pest control materials are selected and applied in a manner that minimizes risks to human health, beneficial and nontarget organisms, and the environment.

Why FullScope Pest Control is an Integrated Pest Specialist, and not just an exterminator.

At FullScope Pest Control, we aren’t exterminators. We are pest management professionals. We don’t spray and pray.

We analyze the situation at hand, and employ all the potential techniques we have at our disposal, and use them to manage whatever pest population we are facing.

We apply these methods across all lines of pest management, including rodents, insects, animals, and termites.

Exterminators typically just come out and spray, with little or no assessment around the root cause of the problem. An exterminator will typically do the same type of service, regardless of the type of structure, level of infestation, and without interviewing the customer about the true cause of the pest problem.

We educate, communicate, and eradicate.

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