How Can You Control Wasp And Hornet In Home

How Can You Control Wasp And Hornet In Home | Full Scope Pest Control

There is a familiar persistent buzzing and zipping sound in your yard as the weather warms. The bugs have returned, even the stinging species. It just takes one sting to acquire a healthy fear of hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets. As a result, keeping your outside spaces free of stinging insects and open for safe play is a top concern. As your pest control Coldspring TX experts, here is some advice on how to get rid of wasps and hornets.

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Wasp Nests Should Be Sprayed

If you discover an active wasp nest near your home or property, you can spray it with wasp nest spray that you can get from a store. If possible, use protective clothing and spray the nest late at night, when the wasps are dormant and the workers and queen are all there, to achieve the greatest outcomes. A wasp spray that has a long-range spraying nozzle should be purchased. If necessary, repaint the nest multiple times over the course of a few days if the first application was unsuccessful.

Suspend Wasp Traps

Wasp traps are a very common — and efficient — method of eradicating wasps in your yard. The traps contain an attractant liquid. When wasps enter the trap, they become trapped and drown. While wasp traps are efficient, they collect dead wasps and can be an eyesore. Keep them away from outdoor living areas and replace them regularly.

Make Your Own Traps

Make a homemade wasp trap by removing the top of a large soda bottle and filling it with a few inches of soda or fruit juice (with a few drops of dish liquid). Invert and reinstall the top of the DIY trap, then hang it in your yard.

Make Use Of Soap And Water

Small wasp nests can be tackled with soap and water as an alternative to store-bought insecticides. Spray the nests with two tablespoons of dish soap mixed into a spray bottle of water. The mixture will clog the wasps’ breathing pores and instantly kill them.

Treat Potential Nesting Sites

You can treat future breeding places in addition to spraying existing nests. Purchase residual liquid pesticides from your local home improvement or hardware store and spray them in areas where you suspect wasps will nest, such as your deck, pool, patio, playset, and wood fence. This prevents future nest construction.

Kill Any Emerging Wasps

Individual wasps can be eliminated with store-bought wasp killer sprays. Spray wasps as you spot them, making sure to follow all insecticide package requirements.

Use Peppermint Oil

It has been suggested that peppermint oil may be effective at repelling wasps by the same study that appeared in the Journal of Pest Management Science. Alternatively, you can purchase Organic Wasp and Hornet Killer, which is based on mint oil and is designed to target established nests and use it as described above.



Contact a Professional

Large outdoor wasp colonies might be difficult to eliminate on your own. Contact FullScope Pest Control for prompt, competent service. Our experts will destroy existing wasp colonies and take preventative measures to prevent new colonies from emerging.



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