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Signs you have something living in your garage


Fall is my favorite time of the year, I love pumpkins, cooler temperatures, mums, and all the nights sitting out by the fire.  But there is something that no one really likes about the fall and winter months, rodents.

It is a pretty common issue when the temperatures start to drop and the nights become longer, that those pest, such as rats, mice and racoons start thinking about a better home.  This is usually your home or garage.

But their are some pretty common signs that something has just taken up residence in your garage.

Hearing Sounds
Attic Inspection

Here are 5 Signs that a pest is living in your garage:

  • You start to notice a funky smell (urine possibly comes to mind)
  • Things seem out of place
  • Gnaw or chew marks
  • Dirty looking spots along walls
  • Stored items seem to be torn

Well, if you have notice any of these things or the hair on the back of your neck is tingling, then you might want to panic.  But take a moment to stop and take a deep breath and then you can panic.

Signs you have a rodent in attic

What this does not mean:

You are not filthy, you are normal.  When temperatures cool off and food sources can get a little more scarce those outside pest look for any opportunity.

So first you will want to see if you can identify an entry point, mice would live inside 100 % of the time, but that is not the case for rats, raccoons, opossums.  


Gnaw marks in Kingwood, TX Home
Entry Point with Gnaw Marks, in Kingwood, TX Home

They need to come in and out of the structure. An opening as small as a dime can allow mice to enter, a quarter for rats.

Best to get out your flashlight and start becoming your inner detective and see if you can locate.  

Seal Up the Entry Points on Home
Seal Up the Entry Points

This would be low and high, as they can easily jump from branching and scale brick to reach the top of your roof line.

Now if you have notice any entry points, lets get those repaired or sealed up, copper mesh works really well, you can then fill up with a foaming agent.

The next step is to eliminate the ones that are already there.  Rats and mice you can use snap traps, glue boards and rodent bait.  It might be time to call the experts in Rodent Extermination, successful trapping and exclusions takes years of experience to get rid of rats and mice quickly and prevent reentry. 

The more you use the better your success, keep in mind that you will have to collect and dispose of the dead rodents, so if this is not in your wheelhouse, then better to hire a professional.

If you suspect a larger animal, such as raccoon, time to get a trap and placement will be important.  Check out Our Raccoon Trapping Guide.

Good luck and remember FullScope is here to help with all you pest control needs, so give us a call and schedule your inspection and treatment today. 832-989-0190



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