Bed Bug Extermination

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Bed Bug Extermination

The most common and vile pest that can be found in almost every home is one and only the bed bug, these grow in groups or can infiltrate every corner of your home. By the time you discover them, bed bugs could already be out of control and on their way to spreading to other parts of your home.

So, the most common strategy here is to “Nip the evil in the bud” as soon as you come in contact with these, you try to remove or exterminate them. We will be discussing the matter in detail further in this article, but the most important part is to know first what you are dealing with.


Bed Bugs the Real Deal

Unfortunately, you cannot ignore them, bed bugs do not just go away on their own.  You will need to hire a professional or purchase the necessary products to take care of the problem yourself. Even if you miss one female bed bug, you will be re-infested with 300 adults and 1000 more eggs within the next three months.

They are sneaky and hard to find once they get acclimated with all the little corners and hiding places of your home, that’s why a call to action against these pests is the preliminary assessment of the situation.

What do Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like
Bed Bug Extermination

Image credit: James Heilman MD, 2013


You can get bit on any part of your body with bed bugs, but typically they are located on neck, face, hands, shoulders, arms, legs.

During the even you may not notice or even feel you are being bit, and some people have more severe reactions to bed bug bites than others.  Typically what you are looking for is little red bites, they can have some inflammation and irritation that can be help with over the counter remedies for bug bites.

There are some people though that may have severe sensitivity to the bed bug bites.

The bites can be itchy, and inflamed.

Signs to Look For if You Think You Have Bed Bug Bites:

  • A burning uncomfortable Sensation
  • Bump that itches with a clear center
  • Bump that is red with a dark circle and has a swollen area around the bite
  • Bites that appear to be hives
  • Small Blood Spots on bedding material
  • Nymph shedding skin, appears white or clear

Remember everyone reacts differently to bed bug bites, so close inspection of the mattress and boxspring can be necessary to properly identify if bites are being caused by bed bugs.

Contact a pest expert in your area for a free inspection and evaluation.

Our Services

Great news for the people of Houston, Texas, FullScope Pest Control provides the most effective and professional bed bug control services at compatible pricing. We can provide you with all pest-related services backed up by the right equipment to serve your needs. Our experts will provide prevention and treatment to eliminate any pest related issues from your house, to achieve this we have developed a solid action plan.

  • Inspection of the house
  • Consultation with you
  • Treatment Plan
  • Further Monitoring

We will explain each and every course of action and how our team of professionals will help you to get a hold of the situation before sustaining any critical damage. Call to Schedule an Estimate Today 832-898-0190.


Checkout Our Bed Bug Preparation Guide


Our Experts will perform a complete and thorough inspection of the home, identifying hotspot areas for bed bugs to hide.

Treatment Plan

Once the infestation has been identified to be bed bugs, our experts will come up with the most effective elimination and treatment plan for your particular situation.  We know that every home and customer is different, so we do not employ a one treatment fits all approach. Each service call will be tailored to the homeowners particular needs.

Some Common Bed Bug Control Strategies:

Whole Room Heat Treatments

This is the most common and a very effective way of bed bug treatment. In this, an exterminator which is a trained professional will use specifically designed heating equipment to raise the temperature of the place. The overall temperature of the space will be pumped as high as 50 C to achieve the best results. Usually, all bed bugs and their eggs die at 48-50 C. The exterminator will use a specific set of thermometers throughout the home analyse if the right temperatures are achieved throughout the site.

Things to assess

  • The overall procedure might take 6-8 hours depending upon the rate of the infestation and ground to cover.
  • During the treatment, the pets or things which will not be able to sustain the high temperatures shall be removed from the area under treatment.

Insecticides Treatment

After inspection of the home a recommended protocol will be designed, this will include using insecticides in the form of liquids, aerosols, and dust. These also act as a residual element which will stop the further reproduction of the bed bugs and act as a preventive measure. Different orders and types of the insecticides can be used by our experts depending upon the severity of infestation under consideration. The overall insecticide procedure might take 2-3 visits from our exterminator to achieve the best possible results.

Following categories might be used by the expert professionals depending upon the situation;

  • Fast-acting insecticide for the surfaces that humans often touch. i.e. Sofas and furniture
  • Residual insecticide for furniture, cracks or underside of the covers we often come in contact with
  • Dust insecticide for cracks and electrical outlets

Before we initiate the treatment with the insecticide, our professional will address you about the safety measures that you’ll have to undertake for preparing your home for the insecticide treatment. Once we are done with the implementation, our experts will again scan or monitor your house for any possible infestation, just to make sure that everything is in check.

Bed bugs can be scary, but you do not have to live with them.  By contacting the professionals at FullScope Pest Control today, we can eliminate your bed bug problems. Get in contact with us today and rest assured we will provide you with the best bed bug treatment options at a compatible price.    


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