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Our specialization has made it easy for them to understand that every home is unique. To that end, they will help in the creation of a customized plan that suits you. Their plan puts the layout of your home as well as the degree to which the termites have infested your home. Regardless of species of termite, situations, or the areas of usage, they can handle the treatment of your home, including the usage of Termidor Liquid, Dry Foam and Our Foam, and Bait and Monitoring. 

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How Serious Are Termites?

A termite infestation is one of the worst things that can happen to property and home because they leave demoralizing damages in their wake. Often referred to as ‘silent destroy, termites have their ways flourishing in any place without causing any damage or making it glaring that they might turn ‘all zombie’ and damage things. Since termites love cellulose-based plant materials, you are not exempted from the mix. Every home has a sort of construction that creates a safe space for the enjoyment of these cellulose foods, invariably providing food worthy of termite infestation.

Termite Warning Signs

Before you wonder how they magically appear in your home, you might want to be aware of signs you have been overlooking, that have probably been staring at you in the face for days now.

  1. Temporary Travel of Winged Insects: In case you find a temporary swarming of any winged insect in your home or even anywhere in your home, then be assured of their presence these winged insects would only cross lines to catch a termite.
  2. Termites Dropping: The sighting of a single cracked or even bubbling painting is enough indication of their presence. When you put that in addition to termite’s droppings, also known as frass, then be aware of their presence in your home.
  3. Hollow Wood Sound: Have you ever tried tapping a wood and it sounded hollow, then you have a termite infestation, no doubt.
  4. Mud Tubes: Do you know those tubes that almost look as if a tunnel is springing from your walls, they are a safe clime for termites and they have built it. You will find these mud tubes on exterior walls, your wooden beams or even in a crawl space.
  5. Swarmer’s Discarded Wings: This indicates these winged insects recent visit to the location because of the sighting of their food: termite.

Types of Termites

In the United States, there are only three major termites you might want to acquaint yourself with:

  1. Subterranean
  2. Dry wood
  3. Damp wood

However, if you want to know the specific ones that are sure to invade your home, then you have the Eastern subterranean termites, Pacific damp wood termites, and Southeastern dry wood termites.

What Causes Termite Infestation?

The invasion of your home by termites happens when they decide to cross over from their colonies, outside, in the yards, to the foundations of your home. They gain access into the home through cracks or gaps around pipes or wire. Aside those, your home might be infested by termites in the following ways:

  1. Ground Contacts: The wooden structures of your home that can be easily accessed from the ground are prone to be great access to your home. You will find your porches or decks as good examples of this ground contact.
  2. Stack of Woods: When you have a stack of woods in contact with the ground and your home, then you have a little guard against their presence. They even find woods that lean against the home a quicker path to the home.
  3. Plants near Home: Do you have trees and shrubs just close to your building, then be prepared for termites presence.

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Some Prevention Tactics

Being a constant threat to the home, there are ways you can avoid their invasion. With these small steps, you can easily prevent their presence in your home.

The major step is to eliminate moisture. But how do you this?

  • Repair leaky objects in the home especially the water pipes, and A/C units
  • Redirect water away from the foundation
  • Constantly Clean your gutter
  • Open all vents and ensure they are clear.
  • Block all holes around your pipes and lines.

Remove Termite Food Sources:

  • Keep firewood at bay. Avoid anything made from wood like lumber, paper etc.
  • Be sure to remove any stumps and debris found near your house
  • Ensure the woods in your home are far from contacting the soil
  • Endeavor to inspect your decks as well as wooden fences for damages as they might come in through these places.

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