Dealing with Flying Cockroaches

Which roaches fly

Have you ever wondered why cockroaches fly?

Do Cockroaches have Wings?

Yes, they have wings and do cockroaches fly. A great number of the species of cockroaches have been known to fly. In fact, it is rare to find any of the 55 types found in the U.S that does not have a wing. Yet, a great number of them would rather be on the ground to scavenge food. There is also a disparity in the rate of flight. While some can fly for a short distance, others can fly glide farther. They barely flap their wings, which is the reason for the short distance they run. 

Having wings, however, does not portend danger. It is only an indication of their ability to escape danger. Thus, those accustomed to using theirs will find it easier to escape danger whenever it arises.



Common Types of Flying Cockroach 

There are several species of cockroaches. There are two major types of flyers.

  1. The Gliders: Some species prefer to use their wings only for gliding. A good example is American cockroaches.
  2. The Adept Flyers: They tend to fly at every opportunity. A good example is the Australian cockroaches, which are mostly present in the Gulf Coast area.
  3. Regular Flyers: This encompasses also all other types. Here are some examples:
  4. Asian cockroaches: You can easily find them in warm areas like Florida. You might want to confuse them with the German cockroach because of their resemblance.
  5. Cuban Cockroaches: They are bright green and have been known to fly as well.   
  6. Non-Flying: Some other cockroaches are known for not even flying or gliding.


Cockroaches Flying in Home

Any cockroach that can fly is attracted to the interior lights of any house, giving them a reason to fly indoor. The big problem here is that you find it hard to notice their infestation because they are nocturnal. This means that that you might not notice how much they have invaded your home until they are so many in your home. Most times, people become aware of their presence during the day when they have become big and bold enough to go through the regular day’s ordeal. 


Warning Signs You Should Watch Out For

You might want to watch for the following to help you know your home has been infested by these roaches.

  1. Their smell
  2. Their waste
  3. Their cast shells.                                                                                                                      


Flying Cockroach Problems

When you have flying cockroaches in the house, you might have to deal with a major problem of quick infestation. 

  1. Hiding and Spreading: Unlike the crawling ones that you can easily get rid of, the flying ones are quick at hiding and spreading throughout the home. Their hiding spots are always hard to reach.
  2. They Can Exceed Certain Heights: Some people assume cockroaches cannot get to the top of certain countries but that is a misconception. Flying cockroaches fly to get to any food laid at the top of the counter. They can contaminate your food even at the top of counters and pantries. If you are not aware of their presence you might eat their contaminated food, which might result in dysentery or even food poisoning.
  3. No Window Too High: Another problem with flying cockroaches is their ability to surmount any height. This has given them different chances to enter as many homes as possible. Aside from that, they have small, flat bodies that make it easy for them to creep inside the crack of people’s windowsill, or even frame. 
  4. Risk: They tend to fly about and spread viruses, fungi, and bacteria on to foods including rice, bread as well. With these, you are liable to come in contact with several forms of gastroenteritis. Not only that, when you come in contact with allergens from them, you might be affected if you have allergies and if you have someone with asthma in the house, these allergens might trigger asthma.


Trapping Flying Cockroaches?

Do you want to get these flying cockroaches in a bid to get rid of them, then try the following methods:

  1. Light: One way you can get flying cockroaches is to watch out for lights. When you put lights in an infested home, they tend to fly out into the open.
  2. Cool Places: They tend to hide in cool places like boxes or bags. Another place you can find them in around pipes or structural faults. Even at that, many of the flying cockroaches prefer outdoor locations to the indoor.
  3. Heat: Flying cockroaches are attracted to heat and moisture. Their choices are divergent.


How to Get Rid of Them

At the sight of these flying pests, you should contact pest experts because they can help you flush them out of those hiding places, and exterminator your cockroach infestation.

Most of the time preventative pest control services will prevent most types of common roaches in your home.  Keeping up with a quarterly pest service can help prevent most pests from entering the home.

We are simply the best pest control company out there, we guarantee it!

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