The Life Cycle of Bed Bugs


Bed bugs are a species of insects that is firstly nocturnal and reddish-brown. They have an affinity for human blood as well as several warm-blooded animals. Being wingless and with dorsoventrally flattened bodies, they are fond of hiding in un-inspected places including floor cracks, bed, and carpets as well as upholstered furniture.

Bed Bug Life Cycle



As with most insects, the bed bug first existence in its grainlike egg that comes in a milky white shell. The female bed bugs initiate the process by laying about one to five eggs in a day, giving them to lay close to 500 eggs all their life. Their eggs might be laid one after the other or in a cluster. They are private enough to lay them in tight cracks as well as crevices.  

Approximately 1 mm long, these eggs can be compared to two grains of salt. Their hatching process just lasts for two weeks, and they begin to feed within this period.


Upon hatching, the immature bed bugs, rightly referred to as Nymph, would go through five moulting stages before they can be considered a mature bed bug. They are most times confused with the adults because of their appearance, but that should not confuse you as you can easily identify them from their size. Moreover, they are not sexually mature. 

One other way to easily identify them is through their yellow-white colour, which is completely different from the reddish-brown of the adults. For them to complete a single moulting stage, the nymph must have a big blood meal. When the nymph had done this, they eventually become adult at room temperature and this might take them close to five weeks.


When the bed bug had reached maturity, they would feed every week.    

adult bed bugs
Bed Bug


Life Span of an Adult Bed Bug

An average bed bug might live between four to six month. But if a bed bug is in a cool condition and with no food, he has a higher chance of living for a whole year.

The Life Cycle of a Bed Bug from NPMA/PPMA on Vimeo.


Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Inspections: When you are ready to get rid of bed bugs in your home, then you should consider getting experts to help you understand what is really happening in your home before you profer personal solutions. 

Bugs can be sneaky that you will have a hard time finding them yourself but with the help of an expert, you will be easily shown where they are hidden. They will first examine every part of your home especially your furniture, rugs, linens and bed.  Then, they will target some areas for the inspections and use their tools to check out for cracks and crevice. They will start all the way from your bedroom.

How To Remove Bed Bugs From Your Couch

Implementation: The next step is to use the recommended plan and use it for the treatment of the environment. This will happen when an infestation has been confirmed. Their team will use some of the best tools to tackle the issue at hand. They will also apply their knowledge of science in ensuring that your home is free from infestation. They will also seek out ways to ensure your pets are not affected in any way. In that same vein, they will watch for your family members as well as the environment that will be treated. For the case of the bed bug, they will ensure they target not only bed bugs, but they also target the bed bug larvae.  This way, they help in the prevention of maturing of these body biting pest. Not only that, doing that will ensure they help you in the prevention of disease since bedbugs are disease carrier.


Monitor: As much as they will do their best to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. Bed bugs eradication can be somewhat difficult. For that reason, they will need to visit you again as a follow-up. This way, they ensure that the solution was effectively treated. Also, they will use this as another stage of the inspection because the result will determine if there is a need for another visit. In the need for another visit, then you will be duly informed about it. They will then have to return to do the riding the home of these pests.


Other Things Professionals Would Want You To Know

Bed bugs have been known to increase quickly, with their heightened population becoming capable of causing great harm to your home. To, therefore, prevent infestation fro a larger population, it is best to detect them early.  The services of inspecting, implementation, and monitoring should be sought as early as possible because these professionals are always looking for ways to overcome the problem people are facing from simply treating bedbugs. 

They take training and use some of the latest technology, which you will not see a reason to buy on a normal day.


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