Getting Rid of Mosquitoes from Your Home


Imagine slowly drifting off to sleep on a sweet summer night only to be disturbed by the whiny sound of a mosquito. Annoying, yes? Well, this is a common problem in many homes during the summer, a period that sees the highest mosquito activity. 

The increase in mosquito population in your home during the summer makes you start wondering how these biting creatures managed to gain access into your home. You are also left asking the more important and urgent question of how to completely get rid of them.  

How to Eliminate Mosquitoes Inside the House

Upon discovering the presence of a growing number of mosquitoes inside your home, the next best course of action is to seek out elimination strategies. 


Consider applying any of these methods for getting rid of mosquitoes that are already in your home:

  • Place effective mosquito traps around your home, giving more focus to areas where mosquitoes are fond of hiding. 
  • Use an indoor insect spray or insect fogger to kill mosquitoes and treat corners where larvae may develop. Mosquitoes are fond of dwelling in dark, moist places, and this is why it is advisable to check under the sink, inside closets, and around the laundry room.  
  • Put natural mosquito repellents like plants to work. Fill your home with mosquito-repelling plants such as catnip, tulsi and feverfew.


The most effective way to keep their intrusion to a minimum is by deliberately working to prevent them from gaining access into your home from the start. 



How to Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your Home 

Mosquitoes are notorious when it comes to stubbornly intruding homes. If they didn’t pose certain risks to humans, you’d almost commend them for the dexterity with which they seek out gaps, cracks, and broken screens. 

Use these tips to seal up your home and prevent mosquitoes from getting in: 

  • Inspect door screens and windows for holes and gaps. If you find any, be sure to replace the screen or mend the tear.
  • Check windows for weathered sealing or gaps and proceed to shore up any opening with caulk. 
  • Do well to make certain that weather seals on doors do not have any openings.  


What Kind of Mosquitoes Are In Your Home

Have you ever spent a moment wondering what kind of mosquitoes are likely to be breeding in your home? Culex mosquitoes are generally known as the Common House Mosquito because of their fondness for living inside homes. While other kinds of mosquitoes may end up in your home, these are the only ones that specifically seek to dwell indoors. 

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The best known way to keep mosquitoes out of your home by keeping them out of your yard. If you don’t get desired results after trying the options highlighted in this article, be sure to contact pest control professionals for assistance. 



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