10 Facts About Spiders In Your Humble, TX Home


Spiders are incredibly adaptable creatures, and an integral part of just about any ecosystem. They have adapted to live in just about every type of habitat possible, including your Humble, TX home. They’re great to have around, in the sense that they eat tons of pesky little bugs that are running around your house. Most homeowners, however, don’t want to see lots of spiders running around, especially if they’re dangerous (e.g., Black Widow and Brown Recluse).


How much do you know about spiders? If you don’t like the thought of spiders infesting your home, at least read on for 10 interesting facts you may not have known about them below. 

Facts About Spiders

  1. There are more than 38,000 known species of spiders, and researchers are confident there are several more yet to be discovered.
  2. When spiders walk, they always have four legs on the ground and four legs up at any given moment. 
  3. There is a species of spider discovered in 2007, and named after Canadian musician Neil Young (scientific name: Myrmekiaphila neilyoungi).
  4. Spiders are found on every single one of the earth’s continents, except Antarctica. It’s estimated that over one to three million spiders can occupy an acre of land. That means that the average human being can never be more than 10 feet away from a spider.
  5. Spiders are important to the ecosystem not just because they eat nuisance and harmful insects, they also pollinate plants, and help recycle dead animals and plants back into the earth. They also serve as vital food sources for fish, birds, and several small animals.
  6. All spiders spin silk, but not all spiders build webs.
  7. Spiders consume more insects than bats and birds combined.  
  8. Web-building spiders have two or three prongs at the tip of each of their legs that they can use to maneuver from one strand of web to another without getting stuck in their web’s stickiness. Also, spiders bodies feature a unique, oily substance to keep them from getting stuck in their own webs. 
  9. In rare cases, there are spider bites that can cause blood disorders in humans or other animals. The venom of the Brown Recluse spider contains a toxin which can cause red blood cells to expand and burst. This can lead to other negative symptoms, such as severe injury to the kidneys and even jaundice. 
  10. There is a vegetarian species of jumping spider (Bagheera kiplingi) found in Central America. It is the only known vegetarian spider species.

Spiders are mostly harmless, but are potentially dangerous pests that most homeowners want to avoid. Keep in mind that the less bugs there are in your home, the less spiders there will be (they won’t have anything to hunt and eat!) If you want to save time, stress, and money in the long run, call our Humble, TX pest control experts today at 832.898. 0190 or email us at [email protected]! Leave your weekends and downtime for family and friends instead of working on pest control projects.   

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