Dealing with Black Widow Spiders



How to Identify?

  • Hourglass Marking: One way to identify a black widow is the underside of their abdomen. They have red hourglass markings they. These markings are always bright reds and it’s a way to wards off predators and attackers.
  • Color: As their name implies, they are black but shiny.
  • Size: The average size of a black widow is 3 to 10mm in size. Most of the females are larger than their male counterpart; thus, we can see female’s black widows as large as 13mm in body length.

Latin Name

Latrodectus spp.


They have certain characteristics that also set them apart from other spiders:

  • Comb foot: Their comb feet set them apart from every other spider. This food can be found on the hind of pair of their legs and can be used to pitch silk around their capture prey.
  • Shy: They love their own company. They only socialize to copulate and nothing else.
  • Nocturnal: Black widows only spin webs during the daytime. They are mostly nocturnal.
  • Hang Upside Down: They have the tendencies to hang upside down within their web. This way you can see their hourglass abdominal marking.



Why Do You See Black Widow Spiders in Your House?

Ever wondered why you have black widows in your house or even around you, then these might be the reasons:

  1. Unkempt Yards: Black widow spiders are fond of yards that are not in good conditions. As you are aware that a good yard would generally all other insects. To start with, they are found under tall grasses, stacks of woods or even debris. They use these places as a place to store food, hide, and build webs.
  2. Vulnerable Places: When your home or yard has faced a lot of insect’s infestation or is currently facing one, there is a higher chance of battling another black widows at that same time. Black widow spiders find smaller insect succulents and would want to feed on them. They are likely to eat things ants, flies, and others pest. Thus, when your door or window has a crack big enough for them to enter, then these spiders would come into the house to hunt for these smaller insects. 


Should You Be Afraid of Their Presence?

While they are like a ‘present’ in the present moment, the female ones can be harmful to human. Their presence can help you get rid of those smaller insects. The attack can come in when the female ones are provoked. 

In the United States, the black widow spiders have been known to deliver the most toxic bite ever seen in a spider. Their venom is mixed with neurotoxins and could be a potential danger to the nervous system.


Signs of a Black Widow

One way to know you have a black widow in your home is to look at the pattern of their web. Their webs are located near the ground level but far enough like under a protected ledge, places like your lawn furniture or even woodpiles. Also, the iconic red hourglass marking is an indication of their presence.


Getting Rid of Black Widow Spiders

Get trained professionals involved in managing the presence of these pests. They will take your home or yard into consideration before giving you a program to help in getting rid of these pests.

The process of getting rid of spiders is split into three because you can never get rid of spiders once. Thus, the professionals would firstly:

  • Assess: They will understand the situation and take note of the root cause. They will seek out other overlooked factors that might have brought the spiders to your home. If one of the cause is the presence of another type of pests, they will determine the reasons those pests are in your home. That way, their works will focus on their analysis.
  • Implementation: After understanding the root causes of their presence, they will implement their proposed solutions. They will be drastic and thorough in ensuring your home is free from the infestation of these pests. They have the necessary pieces of equipment needed to keep your home or yard free from these pests.
  • Monitoring: They will not only ensure your home is rid of these pests, they will also do regular check-ups to enable you to have a home free from these pests. They will schedule a time for a visit to ensure their work is permanent.


Black Widow Webs

Black widows are known for spinning a large web. The strength of this large web is such that the females suspend cocoons of hundreds of eggs in them. Their webs are also instruments of capturing preys like flies, grasshoppers, beetles, and so many others.




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