Where To Put Glue Traps For Bed Bugs

Where To Put Glue Traps For Bed Bugs| Full Scope Pest Control

Many assume they may have a bed bug infestation after noticing a few bite marks at night. If you share the same concerns, you may ask what the best way to identify the pests in your home and even completely eliminate them is.

Fortunately, some excellent tools, such as bed bug glue traps, are available. However, where should bed bug glue traps be placed? Let’s find out!

What Are Glue Traps for Bed Bugs?

Glue traps are impermanent, ready-to-use products containing adhesive glue that bed bugs and other pests cannot escape. They are inexpensive and compact when folded, approximating a standard pencil case.

Periodically examine the adhesive used in glue traps to ensure it still sticks. Check the product label to determine if and when glue traps require replacement. 

How Do Bed Bug Traps Function?

Bed bug traps catch bugs with a sticky surface that prevents movement. Bed bugs are attracted to people and pets for blood and usually stay around the bed to feed at night. Traps can be set up in suitable locations.

Since bed bugs can’t fly or jump, they must travel a fair distance to reach people in beds. Consequently, having a few good glue traps will draw them out, and the glue will keep them still.

How Do I Place Bed Bug Traps?

People wonder if bed bug traps are effective everywhere and where to put them. Bed bugs are commonly discovered near beds, on mattresses, and carpets due to their attraction to body heat & the carbon dioxide we exhale. The trap’s position affects its effectiveness.

However, because of its small size and flattened shape, this insect can conceal itself almost everywhere in the house, including all wall gaps and other small spaces. Due to this trait, bed bugs are challenging to detect and catch. Thus where the glue traps are placed is crucial.

It is advised to set several traps simultaneously:

  • next to the bed, on the floor;
  • between the box spring and the mattress;
  • under the bed;
  • within the space;
  • wherever bed bugs are known to congregate.

The presence of people in beds serves as bait for bed bugs, luring them to traverse the sticky surface. You need not be concerned about the particular species you are dealing with because this is true for both standard and tropical bed bugs.

Where Can I Find Bed Bug Traps?

Not all adhesive bed bug traps are equally effective. The most effective traps are simple to install, crafted with top-notch adhesive, and do not contain pesticides. Choose environmentally-friendly options to avoid potential health risks. Glue traps catch bed bugs in a few hours or overnight, including those in the mattress and bed frame.



Put traps close to the mattress, headboard, and baseboards where bed bugs are often found. Follow the instructions to set them up correctly and ensure functionality. However, it’s always best to call an expert for help. Don’t let a bed bug infestation cripple your home, health, and finances. Call Fullscope Pest Control today to get rid of bed bugs in your home! We are experts in bed bug removal and control and other pest-related issues.


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