Are Squirrels Part Of The Rodent Family

Are Squirrels Part Of The Rodent Family| Full Scope Pest Control

One of the most widespread creatures and frequent pests worldwide is squirrels. Squirrels can cause damage to property while looking for a spot to nest and eat. Whether or not squirrels are rodents like rats, mice, or gophers is one of the most often asked inquiries in our expert field. 

What Are Squirrels? 

Squirrels are members of the Sciuridae family. They are also members of the scientific order Rodentia. They belong to the same family as chipmunks, marmots, prairie dogs, flying squirrels, ground squirrels, and tree squirrels and are medium-sized rodents that climb trees. 

The fact that they breathe air and give birth to live young rather than eggs proves that squirrels are mammals. They are rodents and distant relatives of other rodent species like mice and rats. Their heads are comparable in size and shape to rodents, and they have sharp teeth that are constantly growing. They also have similar ear shapes.

What Do Squirrels Look Like? 

Squirrels resemble other rodents like chipmunks, rats, and mice in appearance, yet they are also very different. Most squirrels are small to medium-sized, and their length can vary from 10 centimeters to three feet. The weight of a squirrel ranges from 11 to 18 pounds on average. 

Squirrels have long rear legs, small forepaws with tiny underdeveloped thumbs, and pads and claws on their fingers to help them climb. They have short, rounded ears and pointy faces with sharp teeth, allowing them to eat tough food like acorns and nuts. Their eyes are typically black and slightly larger than those of rats or mice.

Squirrels are distinguished from rats by their long, bushy tails covered in brown, gray, or black fur with a silky texture. The underside of their tails can be lighter in color.

Why Are Squirrels Considered Pests? 

Compared to rodents like rats or mice, squirrels are not thought to be nearly as harmful. Squirrels can enter homes and other properties’ attics and wall cavities. Additionally, it is conceivable for squirrels to gnaw through food in kitchens, but most squirrels are looking for acorns and tree nuts and burrow through roof tiles and walls to get into attics. 

Most of the time, when squirrels eat their way inside, they are not searching for human prey but rather a spot to nest and raise their young. Squirrels can breed and multiply within walls and attics, causing damage by chewing holes in roofs and walls. Eliminating them can be challenging as they are territorial and tend to build nests in these areas.

Property damage is where squirrels pose the greatest threat to homeowners. Squirrels can contaminate food and harm crops if you own or run farms, food processing, or storage facilities. For instance, squirrels love to eat corn and will do so in farms or storage facilities. 



Homeowners often hear squirrels running around in basements, attics, or between the walls during the day or night. To stop this property damage and eliminate the infesting squirrels and their nests, contact Fullscope Pest Control and discuss squirrel treatment, removal, and prevention programs. We have a full team of licensed and certified pest control professionals who can effectively manage your squirrel problem. Whether you need preventative measures or complete removal, we can help!


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