Wasps Removal Near Me in Porter, Texas


Maybe you’ve started to notice wasps circling your yard, or worse yet, a wasp nest on your Porter property. If you know you or someone in your family is allergic to bee and/or wasp stings, wasps removal is not a job you want to do yourself!

Severe allergic reactions to wasp stings can prove fatal for someone with allergies who gets stung.

Wasps Are Territorial

Wasps are quite unaware of the existence of anyone or anything that hasn’t invaded their “turf.” But if you, a family member, or a pet happens to intrude into wasp territory, even by accident, wasps will perceive a threat and their instincts will kick in. Wasps are instinctively territorial and protective of their nests and queen.

The term “wasps” includes Paper wasps, hornets, yellowjackets, and other “social wasps” that can get aggressive and sting perceived intruders. Other wasp species, like Mud daubers, are less aggressive and territorial, but will sting if they are provoked.

Wasp Stings

Maybe you’re familiar with the way bees sting. Bees have barbed stingers, and after they sting a person or animal, part of their abdomen gets ripped out from their bodies, and they fly away to die.

Not so with wasps. Wasp stingers are NOT barbed, and they can inflict multiple stings, one after another. Plus, if you happen to stumble across a wasp nest and one attacks you, several more will attack in tandem. Wasps release a pheromone scent that alerts other wasps to the presence of an intruder.

 Wasps Removal Near Me in Texas

There are many pests that you can manage on your own, and unless they turn into a full-blown infestation, they are usually manageable. Wasps are not necessarily one of these pests.

Wasp nest removal, for example, is highly recommended to be left to a professional pest control company, especially if you have a wasp sting allergy. Professionals have the skills, experience, and right tools to get the job done right, and they can show you how to help prevent infestations in the future.

Wasp nest removal

How to Prevent Wasps on Your Property

Some preventive measures you CAN put into place include:

  • Being vigilant. Keep an eye out for wasp nests/wasp activity in your yard.
  • Keeping your trash tightly covered and removed regularly. Keep trash receptacles as far away from your doors as possible. Rinse trash cans out every now and then with bleach and/or soapy water.
  • Keeping your lawn mowed regularly (watch out for yellowjacket nests in the ground!), and keeping your foliage trimmed back from the side of your home.
  • Reducing in the numbers of other pests that wasps hunt will also contribute to fewer wasps hanging around your property.


You can put preventive measures in place like the ones above, but no prevention is 100 percent successful all the time. Plus, do you really want to be spending all your free time chasing after wasp and other pest problems? If you are overwhelmed by a wasp problem in your home or business, or even for preventive maintenance, contact our Texas pest control experts today! You can also call us at 832.898.0190. Look forward to a wasp free summer!

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