What Attracts Wasps and How To Keep Them Away

What are wasp attracted to

Dealing with wasps is not a pleasant experience, they can easily sting you and that on its own can be quite demanding and problematic. But the reality is that not all wasps are stinging people. Only a few particular types of wasps do that, so if you’re worried about being stung you need to avoid worrying too much. Most of these wasps are actually solitary and they are not stinging.

A lot of people are mistaking them for a bee, but wasps are certainly different. They have a color that ranges from brown to yellow, bright red and even metallic blue. The insect body is also different. Wasps have a narrow waist and they also have a pointed lower abdomen. 

Unlike bees that live in colonies, wasps are actually living in a nest. They are creating their own nets based on wood fibers that are chewed into a pulp. It’s easy to figure out when you see the wasp nest, just because it looks so distinctive and unique in the first place. 


Why are wasps near your property?

There are many factors that make wasps interested in a property. What you have to realize is that they are always trying to find a warm and safe place where they can live. Male wasps are dying after they impregnate the queens, so these queens want to find a good place where they can spend the cold months. That’s why insulated walls and crevices or cavities that bring some warmth will bring in some great results. It really makes quite the difference and you will find the experience itself to be nothing short of extraordinary with all this kind of stuff. All you need is to check it out and you will find it incredibly powerful and different, exactly what you want to expect.

You will find most wasps near garbage at times too, because that’s where you can find a huge range of insects. Since they eat other insects like caterpillars, aphids, flies and so on, you will surely find them near garbage cans or places where those insects usually tend to hang out.

Also, wasps like protein-based foods and also sweet foods in general. That’s why they will come near your home, because they can find protein-based foods there and it will be a very good experience. During the colder seasons, wasps will crave for some sweet foods like fruit juices, sodas and so on. That’s the time when they actually get to become a lot more aggressive than usual and you need to take all of that into consideration if you can. 

How to keep wasps away from your home?

What you can do right now is to try and remove any unwanted foods or drinks from the property, don’t keep the trash can uncovered either. The more you focus on that, the better it will be and you will find results to be more impressive than ever before with the right amount of focus and attention to all of this. In addition, you also want to think about the home structure.

If you have any cracks in your home’s foundation, then these will be targeted by wasps. As a result, you really want to handle all of those the best way that you can and just test things out. Unfortunately even small crevices like that can be problematic to deal with, so understanding this entire process and figuring things out will be great for you. This way you can prepare a way to eliminate the problem and actively create a solution that suits your needs every time. Once you have all of that good and ready to go, you will find that the experience will shine.

In case you want to keep wasps away from your deck, a good idea is to wear thick gloves and clothes in general. Never approach the wasp nest during the day, as that can be a very bad thing to do and you will definitely get stung. Try to move the nest at night if possible and wear protective clothing the best way that you can. Removing all that unwanted sweet stuff from your deck can also make quite the difference. The idea is to understand what you are getting into with this and ensure that the process is managed correctly at the best possible value.

If you really want to keep all wasps away, then you can mix vinegar with some water in a water trap as that will work. Some also go for a wasp decoy that will keep wasps away from your property. Dealing with wasps will certainly make this a lot more interesting and creative, so you should totally check that out and keep it in mind. Once you do that, the payoff will be well worth the effort.


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