Preventing and Managing Roof Rats


How to Get Rid of Roof Rats in Your Kingwood Home:  Call an Rat Exterminator Specialist

You know what rats are, but what are Roof rats? Just hearing the term “roof rats” sends most homeowners into a panic. You may have noticed some common signs of a Roof rat infestation, like their droppings and maybe some hollowed-out oranges, apples, and other fruits on the ground around your Kingwood property.  But there is much more than just exterminating roof rats, you need to exclude them from reentering our home.

Where Do Roof Rats Get Their Name?

Roof rats (also Black rats or Ship rats) get their name from their uncanny ability to find harborage in the upper parts of structures. Like in your attic, for example. Once they are in your home, Roof rats can inflict damage on building materials by powerfully gnawing right through them to create nesting materials. They will also get into your stored food where they can and contaminate it.

Note that Roof rats (and rodents in general) are carriers of several dangerous disease. They can also attract fleas into your home. When you get rid of your rodent problem, you could well have a flea infestation to deal with that can plague your pets, you, and your family.  

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What can you do about Roof rats?

Roof rats are after what just about any pest you’ll ever deal with in your home is after: food, water, and shelter. As with any pest, the best thing you can do to control them is to do what you can to prevent them from getting into your home in the first place. 

There are some preventive steps to help keep Roof rats and other rodents out of your home. You might also consider to use labeled rat control products, such as rat traps (similar to mouse traps), rat bait, rat poison, and even electric rat “zappers.”


Desiccant Rat Bait vs. Rat Poison 

Desiccant rat baits will often contain a pheromone (scent) that attracts rats. The bait will then slowly dehydrate any rats that have consumed it within about three days. They usually pass out in their nest and then never wake up. 

Roof rats (like most rodents) love to chew on electrical wiring. You can effectively bait near rat entrances you may have found into your home, and near areas with electrical wiring, like your A/C unit. 

As for poisoned rat bait, it’s recommended to let professionals use this type of rat control product. Rat bait boxes can be locked to keep children and pets out of the toxic material. Poison bait can work to kill off many rats all at once. The poison can work on many rats at once.

You can save yourself all sorts of time, money, and headaches by calling our Kingwood, TX pest control experts today at 832-898-0190 for a consultation. You can also email us at [email protected]. We can help you manage your Roof rat and other pest problems at home and in your yard, and we can show you what you can do to help prevent future infestations. 

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