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Few things spook a homeowner or business owner more than seeing rats running around their property. One type of rat in particular that grosses property owners out is the Norway rat, also known as the Brown rat, Street rat, or Sewer rat. This type of rat can be found all over the United States, but they can be found most prevalent on the East and West coasts. 

Norway Rats are large rodents, slightly larger than another type of common rat, known better as the Roof rat.  Norway rats are known to be major nuisance pests to have to deal with in your Roman Forest home, as they will gnaw through, contaminate, and eat just about anything. They can even inflict expensive structural damage to your home if left unaddressed.  

Are Norway Rats Dangerous?

Yes! Norway rats are dangerous pests. They can contaminate your food supply, they are known transmitters of bacteria and several diseases, including salmonellosis, rat-bite fever, jaundice, and the Plague. They can also transmit fleas and ticks to your pets and family.  

Norway rats are bulky, and feature unkempt brownish to greyish fur. They can measure up to 8″ in length without their tails, and up to a full 16″ including their long, hairless tails. in size and are covered with shaggy brown or grey-colored fur with gray to grayish brown underbellies. They have small ears and eyes and long hairless tails. Norway rats also weigh between 7 to 18 ounces and reach lengths of about 16 inches – their tails alone may measure more than 8 inches.

These rats can chew their way into and through walls, gnaw through electrical wiring (which can create a very real fire hazard), and damage furniture, clothes, and stored valuables. And let’s not even talk about what prolific reproducers Norway rats are. These rats produce large litters that can turn your rat problem from just a couple of rats to several tens to hundreds of rats in not very much time.  

If you notice Norway rats in your home or on your property, the faster you address them, the more success you’ll have in eliminating the infestation sooner. What are some things you can do to help control Norway rats on your property?


How to Get Rid of Norway Rats

Norway rats are after what just about any pest you’ll ever deal with in your home is after: food, water, and shelter. As with any pest, the best thing you can do to control them is to do what you can to prevent them from getting into your home in the first place. 

There are some preventive steps  you can take to prevent Norway rats from entering your home, including sealing off possible points of entry and keeping a clean and tidy home and yard to help prevent giving these rats any excuse to come indoors.

Assuming an infestation hasn’t grown too large and out-of-hand yet, you can treat for Norway rats by laying down bait stations, traps, or even by using strategically placed rodent “zappers.”

Key areas where you would want to place bait stations or traps are near electrical wiring, and in areas where you’ve noticed their droppings, gnaw marks, and where you may have heard them scratching around inside your walls. 

There is plenty you can do to help prevent Norway rats from coming into your home (keeping your yard clear of rats and other pests is the best way to keep them from coming into your home). Are you spending too much time dealing with rat and other pest problems? Save yourself all sorts of time, money, and headaches by calling our Roman Forest, TX rodent exclusion experts today at 832-898-0190 for a consultation.

You can also email us at [email protected]. We can help you manage your Norway rat and other pest problems at home and in your yard, and we can show you what you can do to help prevent future infestations. 

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