Prevent and Control Leaf Spot


Prevent and Control Leaf Spot on Your Humble, TX Trees

Leaf Spot (fungi: Mycosphaerella platanifolia, Phyllosticta plantani, and Septoria platanifolia) is a common term used for several different plant and tree diseases, including anthracnose LINK to anthracnose article and/or canker LINK to Botryodiplodia Canker article. The primary characteristic of fungal diseases referred to as Leaf spot is the yellowing of leaves, accompanied by premature leaf drop. The fungi involved are also known to be able to survive and overwinter, making them able to reproduce themselves later when conditions are right. Leaf spot is a common disease in Humble, Texas, that your trees are easily prone to. In fact, the Phloeospora multimaculans fungus that can cause variations of Leaf spot is mainly known to be native to Texas. 

 Symptoms of Leaf Spot 


Leaf spot can affect your trees, outdoor garden plants, and even your indoor houseplants. The fungal spores that cause the disease become airborne, more easily in humid, warm conditions. Once on the leaves, the little, brown/yellowish fungal Leaf spot will grow, multiply, and spread to other leaves, other trees, and other plants. You will notice smaller spots becoming larger. The quicker you act, the better.  



What Causes Leaf Spot?

As with other fungal plant diseases, fungi thrive in humid, damp conditions and extreme changes in temperature. Other conditions that might cause Leaf spot include:

  • Susceptible tree and plant species 
  • Poor air circulation between plants
  • Lack of nutrients 
  • Watering too much
  • Overfertilization with nitrogen 
  • High soil Ph balance


How Do You Control Leaf Spot?

What to do to prevent these fungal diseases?

First and foremost, several fungi cause diseases of minor importance that can be prevented and controlled by spraying as you would for anthracnose LINK to anthracnose article.

Other helpful preventive measures include:

  • Spacing out your plants sufficiently so air can circulate. 
  • Watering at the base of your plants, instead of from overhead. Also, avoid misting.
  • Proper drainage of your soil.

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