Interesting Facts About German Cockroaches


German cockroaches can be found just about anywhere in the world, including in Texas. We know a lot about these intrusive pests, but we are also finding out things about them that we didn’t know.

For example, German cockroaches (Blattella germanica) were originally thought to be of European origin. Later, we thought that they had originated in Africa. Now we know that they are native to Southeast Asia.

You probably know what filthy pests they are and that they don’t make good houseguests. Following are some more interesting facts about German cockroaches.

Interesting Facts About German Cockroaches

German cockroach

  1. German cockroaches reproduce quickly and frequently. Roaches, in general, reproduce rapidly. One single female German cockroach and her offspring can potentially create hundreds of thousands more cockroaches in just a year. The sooner you act to treat a roach problem, the better.
  2. German cockroach egg casings are insecticide-proof.Roaches are known as excellent survivors, and it starts when they’re still in the egg stage of their development. Spray a German cockroach egg case, and guess what. It will go ahead and hatch a few days later, anyway.
  3. German cockroaches are active at night, and are hidden for almost their entire lives. Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures. Plus, they are sneaky and can be hard to find. If you see roach activity, check nearby wall voids, floor voids, underneath sinks, etc. Chances are you’ll find more.
  4. German cockroaches have been around at least since prehistoric times. Yes, roaches have been “roaching” around the earth for at least 300 million years.
  5. Baby German cockroaches develop into adults in about a month. These roaches don’t waste time! Also, German cockroaches are the most common roach species found throughout the world, so it’s no wonder they develop so fast.
  6. German cockroaches are incredibly fast. German cockroaches can sprint at speeds of over 3 miles per hour. Does that sound slow to you? Keep in mind that this is like a human being who can run at over 200 miles per hour! Even baby German roaches are this fast!
  7. German cockroaches love it when it’s hot and humid. German roaches can survive at regular room temperatures and humidity levels, but they really thrive when it gets hot and humid. Remember, they are natives of Southeast Asia.
  8. German cockroaches can go without oxygen for nearly 45 minutes. German roaches actually hold their breath on purpose, to help keep from becoming dehydrated. If you flush a live one down the toilet, it will likely resurface in the sewer and go on living. At least they won’t be in your home anymore, though.
  9. German cockroaches don’t even need their heads to survive (at least for a while). Roaches breathe through vents in the sides of their bodies, so they don’t need their heads for oxygen. They can survive headless for up to a week, at least until they need water. Without their heads, they can’t ingest fluid, and will die of dehydration.
  10. German cockroaches can go a full month without food. German cockroaches are master survivors, remember. They have even adapted to be able to survive without food for as long as a month, or so. Those are some mad survival skills!




Your first best defense against German cockroaches, and any other cockroaches or pests, for that matter, is to regularly clean and organize your home, garage, basement, attic, etc. Repair leaks. Seal up possible entry points around your home. Even with all these preventive methods, you may still find yourself dealing with German roaches at some point. If you are seeing German roaches in your home (especially during the daytime), it’s time to call in the professionals. Save yourself headaches, money, and time by calling our Texas pest control experts today! We’ll get rid of the roaches and other pests for you, and show you more about how to keep them from coming back!

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