What Do You Look For in a Good German Cockroach Killer?


German cockroaches are one of the most commonly encountered roach species in the United States and all around the world. Including in Texas. German roaches (Blattella germanica) give homeowners headaches and fits all the time. They also frequent apartments, offices, and restaurants. They are also known to be master survivors. As such, they are always looking for shelter, food, and water. German roaches can survive outdoors in hot, humid climates (they are natives of Southeast Asia), but they almost always need to live indoors, near human beings and human activity. They love our crumbs and spills!

Prevention (aka, cleanliness and exclusion) is always the best strategy when dealing with German roaches. If you have a German roach infestation, should you try to treat the roaches yourself? Know that the sooner you act, the better chance there is of containing a German roach population explosion. But no matter what you do, sometimes the best you can do is call a professional pest control company you can trust.

If you decide to take on German roaches alone, what do you look for in a good German cockroach killer?

Get Rid of German Roaches
How Do You Get Rid of German Cockroaches?

There are no shortcuts when it comes to effective, long-term German cockroach control. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is considered a “best practices” approach to controlling German roaches and other pests. IPM principles dictate that effective German roach control involves a multi-pronged approach, including baits, non-repellent insecticides, insect growth regulators (IGRs), insecticide dust, and other roach traps available for consumer purchase.

Make sure you only use German roach control products that are proven and certified by industry experts. If you use a variety of methods, you help keep German roaches from getting too comfortable, and from developing a form of resistance to the pesticides you use to treat for them. Once the German roach infestation is gone, you may need to repeat treatment, should the pests regroup and make a comeback.


If an infestation has developed and mushroomed to the point where you’re frequently seeing German cockroach activity even in the daytime (they are nocturnal creatures), it means you’ve got an increasingly problematic infestation that might need professional attention.

Keeping your home clean and organized is your best first strategy to keep German cockroaches away. But don’t beat yourself up too much, as roaches even find a way into the cleanest of homes at times. They are very resourceful, eat just about anything they find, and can live for around a month without food. If you are seeing German roach activity and suspect you have a growing infestation on your hands, it’s time to call in a professional. You will save yourself money, stress, and lots of time by calling our Texas pest control experts today! We’ll get rid of the roaches for you, and show you more about how to keep them from coming back!

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