Eco-Friendly Termite Control: The Sustainable Benefits of Baiting

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Termite infestations are every Texas homeowner’s nightmare. Termites can cause dangerous (and very expensive) damage to a home’s infrastructure if left untreated. In fact, nationwide, termites cause over $5 billion dollars in property damage every year.

There’s a potent, long-term solution that comes in the form of termite “baiting.” This method not only controls active termite populations but also helps prevent future infestations. 

Termites are perpetually vigilant for new sources of sustenance, underscoring the constant need for proactive termite control measures. Baiting takes advantage of the innate feeding habits of subterranean termites. These termite colonies make their homes within the soil and live exclusively off of wood or cellulose-rich materials.


As termite colonies flourish, they produce more worker termites, enabling the colony to extend its quest for sustenance. In their relentless search for nourishment, termites consider any wooden material fair game. Whether it’s bark mulch, timbers, stumps, or similar substances, termites readily incorporate them into their diet. In fact, termites find bait even more attractive than wood for consumption.

Let’s discuss five of the primary benefits of baiting termites as opposed to more traditional termite control methods.

  1. Immediate Availability and Durability

Termite baiting is a green, sustainable pest control solution that works much like ant baiting, though with a different type of bait that termites are attracted to. To bait these destructive pests, bait is strategically placed in stations around your property, to ensure that it’s readily accessible to the termites (we use Sentricon termite bait stations, one of the very best baiting options available). The bait in question is reliable and durable, designed to withstand the test of time in the soil. Termites are drawn to this tempting treat and readily feast upon it. More importantly, they share it with their nestmates, unwittingly sealing the doom of all in the colony who consume it. As the colony consumes the bait, it is gradually wiped out.

  1. Honing in on Termite Activity

To exterminate a termite colony, you must first locate its hiding place. Our Sentricon termite protection excels in this regard. It provides indicators of termite activity, enabling the system to adapt and maximize its effectiveness. By pinpointing termite hotspots, our termite bait stations ensure precise targeting for unparalleled results.

  1. Death to the Termite Queen

As mentioned, termites find termite bait more enticing than wood. When they dine on the bait, thereby killing off their ability to molt. If termites can’t molt, it means the end for the queen of the colony. And her death means doom for any remaining members of the termite nest.

  1. Eco-Friendly and Non-Invasive

Unlike some other treatments that require extensive digging or chemical injections, the Sentricon termite stations we use are friendly to the environment. They form a protective barrier around your property without disrupting your lawn or landscaping. No deep digging or chemical injections are needed; our bait systems are simply inserted into areas conducive to termites, such as damp soil or spots near trees and shrubs.

  1. One Single Treatment Suffices

Sentricon termite protection is so effective that one installation treatment is all it takes to establish a formidable barrier around your North Houston area property, eradicating the termite colony. Our comprehensive step-by-step process ensures that your home remains safeguarded from future termite threats without the need for subsequent booster treatments.


Why Sentricon Termite Baiting?

Sentricon termite protection provides a sustainable shield for your North Houston area property. Sentricon termite bait stations are a sustainable solution that extends its protective mantle not only to your cherished home and yard, but also to your valuable business property. Its efficacy has been substantiated by over 60 rigorous scientific studies, making it a trusted choice in the battle against termites. Furthermore, Sentricon is a safe and environmentally responsible option, minimizing harm to the ecosystem. 

Despite all the preventive measures you can take, termites and other pests can just become overwhelming. Not to mention the fact that, termites can cause dangerous (and VERY costly) damage to your home’s infrastructure. Calling a professional termite control service is always much more cost-effective and a timesaver in the long run if you feel you are overwhelmed with termites and/or other pests in your home or yard. Deter expensive damage by getting a handle on things early on. Call our North Houston area (e.g.,  (primarily Cleveland, Kingwood, Atascosita, New Caney, Humble, Porter, Conroe, Splendora, and other communities in the North Houston area) FullScope termite and pest control experts today at 832-898-0190 for a consultation. Or email us at [email protected]. We can quickly help you get your termite problems under control, as well as other expensive pest problems in your home, yard, or business. We use Sentricon Termite Baiting Stations as a long-term solution to help home and business owners like you get rid of their termite problems fast.


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