Dead Spot on Your Kingwood Lawn

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Recognize and Control Spring Dead Spot on Your Kingwood Lawn

Spring Dead spot is a fungal disease (Ophiosphaerella species) known to primarily affect yards planted with Bermuda grass varieties, including in Kingwood, TX. The fungus in the soil rots your grass’ roots and blades. Like other fungal diseases like Powdery mildew and Downy mildew , and as the disease’s name suggests, it is most prominent in the spring, and it appears as round patches of “bleached,” dead lawn. The patches can range in size from a few inches to several feet across. You’ll start to notice signs of it as it contrasts with the nearby budding, healthy grass begins emerging. 

From year to year, the patches will likely show up in the same areas of your lawn, as the fungus can overwinter from the previous year, but then after three or four years, they will go away. The fungus also grows in the fall when conditions are cooler and moist.

Spring Dead spot is a serious lawn disease, but it is treatable. It is more commonly seen in mature and well-kept lawns, and not so much on younger lawns that aren’t heavily fertilized. 

Spring Dead Spot in Action

Early on as this fungal disease develops, the inner parts of the discolored patches remain alive, but then die off as the problem continues. Re-growth in these dead areas has to occur because of healthy growth from nearby plants. This re-growth can be very slow. The deadened areas frequently see weed growth, often stunted. This is because the fungus leaves toxins in the areas with dead grass which slows down new growth.  

Get Rid of Spring Dead Spot

Spring Dead spot treatment should happen in the fall as well as in the spring, and should include careful control of the amount of nitrogen fertilizer that you apply to your lawn. High levels of nitrogen create ideal conditions for the growth of this particular fungus.  

Fungicides can also be applied, but must be applied consistently and several times. Systemic lawn treatment fungicides can be applied heavily in the fall, usually only once, to help curb Spring Dead spot for the coming spring.  

Keep in mind that Bermuda grass varieties with higher tolerances for cooler temperatures are less prone to this particular fungal disease.  


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