How do You Get Rid of Cornfield Ants in Your New Caney Home and Yard?


Cornfield ants are a common ant species that are known to build their homes in grassy fields. Cornfield ants can also make themselves cozy in your New Caney lawn. These ants are similar to a species known as Field ants, and they are known for feeding on nectar, other insects (alive or dead), and honeydew produced by aphids. 

Ants are among the most hearty, resilient, and adaptable insects around, and most species can be difficult to get rid of once they’re indoors, so it’s a good idea to know what type of ants you’re dealing with to help you in managing them.

Cornfield Ants (Lasius americanus

Cornfield ants aren’t known to often nest in homes (they prefer outdoors), but they will enter your house while foraging for sugary foods and water. Like other ant species, once inside, they can contaminate your stored food and track bacteria all over surfaces where they travel. If you are seeing Cornfield ant activity indoors, there’s a good chance you have leaks and/or issues with wet wood indoors that need to be addressed.

One reason Cornfield ants are significant is that they are frequently mistaken for Carpenter ants. They are light to dark brown in color, and measure between 1/10″ to 1/5″ in length, though queens can measure up to 1/3″.  These ants aren’t as aggressive as Fire ants, but they will bite/sting if their nest is threatened. They also emit an acidic odor when squished.

Outdoors you can find Cornfield ants nesting in the soil underneath sidewalks, bricks, landscaping stones, etc., as well as in and around rotting stumps, limbs, and logs.

 How Do You Get Rid of Cornfield Ants?

As with many other ant and insect invader pest species, keeping your lawn well kept and the interior of your home clean is a major key to keeping Cornfield ants out. No matter how clean your home is, keep in mind that ants can show up in even the cleanest of homes. Try the following tips to help you get rid of Cornfield ants in your home.

  • Mow your lawn regularly. There’s nothing Cornfield ants hate more than a well-trimmed lawn. 
  • Trim your shrubs and trees at least an inch or two away from the side of your home.
  • Keep firewood and mulch at least 20 feet away from your home, and clear your yard of debris. 
  • It is critical to ensure that all of your food products (including pet food) is well-sealed and stored. If they have difficulty finding food in your house, Cornfield ants will go elsewhere.
  • Promptly wipe up food and beverage spills, keep your sink free of empty dishes, and sweep and mop regularly in your kitchen. Make sure all leaks indoors and outdoors are repaired.
  • If you find ants entering your home through a crack in the baseboards, doors, or windows, seal it up with caulk or spackling. Screen off pipe and utility entry points. Do everything you can to keep Cornfield ants out.
  • You can spot treat for ants indoors with a good home bug spray, and you can also treat around the outside of your home regularly with a yard bug spray. Spraying nests you find directly with pesticide is also effective.


There’s a lot you can do yourself to prevent and get rid of Cornfield ants and other pests from your home and yard, but wouldn’t you rather be enjoying your downtime with family and friends? Despite your best efforts to manage them, sometimes Cornfield ants will still invade your home. Save yourself all sorts of stress, money, and time by calling our New Caney, TX pest control experts today. Let us help you get your yard and home ant and pest free so you can enjoy the good weather in your backyard while it lasts!



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