8 Signs You Have a Rodent Problem

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Wondering if you have a guest sharing your home or business?  Here are the 8 most common signs that you have a rodent problem.  Identifying any of these signs is a good indicator to call a professional to help you identify what type of rodent you are dealing with and even the severity.  Don’t wait till it is to late, rodents such as rats, mice and raccoons can cause a great deal of damage when left to run a muck.

  1. Droppings
  2. Urine Odors
  3. Gnawed Holes
  4. Rub Marks
  5. Runways
  6. Nests
  7. Noises
  8. Strange Pet Behavior


Here are the 8 most common signs you have a rodent problem in your home or business.

Finding droppings?  This is one of the easiest identifier of a rodent problem or is it?  Rodent droppings, from mice can easily be confused with cockroach infestations.  An experienced pest control operator can determine what type of feces, rat, mouse, or cockroach.


signs of rats


Mice droppings are pretty small and will have a pointed end to them.  Rat droppings about ¾ to ½ inch long and depending on the type of rat, will have different shapes.

Strange Smell? Unfortunately, rodents go the bathroom and the smell of urine is a good indicator that you have an issue.

Gnawed Openings or Marks?  If you are finding small opening and they appear to be chewed or jagged open then this could possibly be gnaw markings from a rodent.

Rodent Gnaw Marks

Rub Marks or staining on walls?  Rodents fur contains grease and when they rub against a surface day after day with their movements, you can see dark rub marks.  This also indicates location and movements.

Rodent Runways?  You may find tunnels or burrow areas in your insulation in the attic, or find rub marks and staining.  This is a great indicator of their runways.

Rodent Nests?  Rats and mice will create a nice comfy nest with all types of material, this can comprise of wrappers, fabric, insulation and other available items.

Hearing Noises?  Hearing scratching, running, gnawing noises in your home?  Could be a good indicator that you have house guests. They are typically heard in the attic, ceiling and walls.

Pets Acting Crazy?  Random barking or obsessive sniffing along walls, fence lines, outside of the house could be an indicator that your pet has noticed a rodent in the area.

rodent issue

Rodents in your home or business can cause damage to electrical wires, feces and urine can cause allergies and can carry certain diseases.  Repairs can be expensive, so if you suspect you have a rodent problem, give us a call! 832-898-0190 We do not charge anything for a professional evaluation of your home or office.


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