3 Reasons Why Cockroaches Are Difficult To Control

3 Reasons Why Cockroaches Are Difficult To Control | Full Scope Pest Control

Cockroaches send shivers down most people’s spines just thinking about them. They get into food storage, reproduce at breakneck speed, and move at breakneck speed. Cockroaches are said to survive Armageddon, and anyone who has dealt with a cockroach infestation would agree. These creatures have existed for millions of years, even outliving dinosaurs. They are hardy insects that have adapted to the Earth’s ever-changing environment.

What Exactly Are Cockroaches?

There are approximately 30 different species of cockroaches found in human environments. Only four of them are well-known pests. Cockroaches existed 320 million years ago, and the insect survived a mass extinction.

Most cockroach species are about the size of a thumbnail but can grow much more significantly. The Australian giant burrowing cockroach is the world’s heaviest, measuring 9 cm long and weighing more than 30 grams. Cockroaches are very generalized insects with very similar appearances. 

They have a small head on top of a broad, flattened body. It was discovered to be a reddish-brown color. They have long, flexible antennae and large compound eyes. Their mouths are on the back of their heads.

Why It’s Difficult To Control Cockroaches

Cockroaches Are Natural Survivalists

They will eat anything and survive in any situation. This is why they are constantly drawn to your kitchen. They will eat pet food or crumbs from the floor. Cockroaches eat non-traditional foods such as wallpaper paste, glue, leather, bar soap, and wiring.

Cockroaches are highly adaptable and secretive. They prefer to nest in small, inaccessible areas to humans. They are also nocturnal. As a result, most of their activity occurs while sleeping. 

The cockroach is an incredibly adaptable creature, able to thrive in many environments. They are also quick to develop resistance to traps, and their immunity is passed down from generation to generation. This makes killing the insect on a large scale difficult (though not impossible!) Poisons from the store are almost useless against larger infestations.

Cockroaches Are Tough To Eradicate

Their exoskeleton is composed of overlapping plates linked by a stretchy membrane. It’s tough enough to protect them and flexible enough to compress and redirect energy to their legs. Cockroaches enter extremely small spaces, making determining the true extent of an infestation difficult. They have unique spines that help them keep traction even when they spread their legs to squeeze under tight cracks.

Cockroaches can withstand compression forces up to 300 times their body weight when crawling through tight spaces due to their unique exoskeleton. They can squeeze through very small holes without getting squashed.

Cockroaches Reproduce Quickly

A mother cockroach lays eggs that are protected in a capsule she creates. A female cockroach can have 6 to 40 eggs per capsule and produce many capsules throughout her life. A cockroach can take anywhere from 6 weeks to several years to mature, depending on the conditions of its environment.

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Final Thoughts

Cockroaches are drawn to food and water and will infest your home in search of these. As a result, it is critical to keep food and water sources sealed. If you have pets, don’t leave food bowls out unless your pet eats them. You can reduce the likelihood of a cockroach infestation in your home by practicing good sanitation. If an infestation is suspected, call Fullscope Pest Control to have the problem treated.


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