What Makes Pest Control Successful

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Pest Control Steps to Success


Upon Reading the PMP (Pest Management Professionals) I learned that there are three major steps in a pest control industry in order to gain the success that’s needed. The steps are Inspection, Doing it right, and keep it simple.

When doing inspections it must be thorough and apply your knowledge and skills in order to seek out the pest you are in search for. You must know anything and everything about the pest you are in search for, so it is best to train yourself as much as possible.  It’s important to maintain and keep up with the rules and regulations for PMPs.  whether it be because your customer wants to be informed upon the characteristics of the pest, or if it’s due to you being in a middle of a drought and you need to source a colony of ants. Due to your training and knowledge of the ants, you would know if there was a drought that the ants would be source around a moist area, also, that they run along the electrical, cable wires, and plumbing in order to gain access to the home.

Once you have sourced the ants you are now ready to start your second step is the success. Once you have established on where this pest is located you need to think of which items are you looking into using in order to treat the pest. You always want to make sure you are using the best of what you have in order to treat. You don’t want to just throw out bait without analyzing whether or not bait would be the best way to go in this situation, same thing goes with the spray you can’t just spray an area that may act as a repellant, that would repeal the pest away from that area and allow them to source another way into the customers home.

Be sure that you are using the top market equipment, something durable that is going to give you the best results when spraying or laying out bait. Using the cheap equipment will not hold up and you will end up spending more money, in the long run, replacing it rather than getting a reliable piece of equipment that will last you for a long period of time.


Once you have established how you are treating and what you will use in treating for the targeted pest. Be sure you keep your customer up to date, you do not have to get complicated in explaining what you are using and doing you need to keep it simple. Let them know the basics of what you are doing, and how it will rid the pest in their area. After they are treated it is best to complete your service with performing follow-ups and, having the manager call and be sure that the customer received the utmost respect and great service. Making sure that there were no issues and being sure that the customer is satisfied.


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