What Is The Established Relationship Between Pests and Older Homes

What Is The Established Relationship Between Pests and Older Homes

The passing of time has an impact on everyone. The same may be said of a house. Beyond simply external appearance, there are many differences between older homes and newer structures. Indeed, the inside features like floor layouts, plumbing, or electrical wiring are where the most significant distinctions are found. Even more, changes may be seen if you go deeper within. The likelihood of rats and pests infesting an older home is higher than that of a newer one for several reasons.


Favorable Surroundings

Insects and other pests invade homes, searching for three things: food, moisture, and a nurturing environment. Older homes often have less than optimum ventilation, worn-down barriers, and recently created cracks. As a result, pests can use them to gain access to your home and feast on your belongings.

For example, if food is not stored correctly or if food leftovers are left out, these provide a veritable feast for bugs. Similarly, bugs will be attracted to an untidy storage area such as a closet or garage. Lastly, because bugs of all kinds require water, any leaks or excessive condensation will serve as an invitation for unwanted guests. Must read the tips for reducing ants.

Building Style

The rules for construction have evolved throughout time. The techniques for insulative properties and ventilation in your home have changed, and new materials have become available. These two main distinctions help to explain why an older house could have more bug issues.

An older house was likely built differently, using materials that aren’t as sturdy or as energy efficient. Additionally, nothing is permanent. Your home will eventually fall apart no matter how well you make it. Therefore, pests may find easy entry to your property as a result of the aging process.


There is a lot of history in older houses. The houses have existed for many years, provided shelter for expanding families, and seen their fair share of renovations, expansions, and paintwork. The effects of all of these factors on a home may be considerable.

The existence of an entrance is the most evident reason why pests can enter an older property. Holes or other gaps will allow insects or rodents to penetrate the building; a mouse may fit in an opening the size of a coin. Cracks can also provide access to pests.

Aging causes wear and tear in a home. The wood begins to split and develops holes and cracks. There is a lack of a tight seal. Cobblestones crumble into dust as plaster cracks. All of these changes occur as they get older. So definitely, this also invites insects, rats, and other undesirables into your house.

For this reason, preventative maintenance can have a significant impact on pest levels. Maintaining a home free of cracks, splits, and holes are the best way to protect against insect invasion.

It is good to take precautions to safeguard your older house from pests if you own one. We at Fullscope Pest Control advise a yearly pest treatment to keep out any unwelcome guests. Simply contact us, and we’ll protect your home against pest invasion.


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