What Are The Most Common Rodents in Houston?

An urban environment such as Houston’s warm surroundings supports a wide variety of wildlife and harbors, among them several species of rodents, which are great destroyers of property and possible health hazards to the human inhabitants. Understanding the most common types of rodents that plague Houston-area homes and businesses can greatly assist in more effective rodent control strategies.Identifying Common Rodents in Houston

Rodent Droppings

Norway Rats

A big, thick-set rodent with shaggy brown or grayish fur, the Norway rat is sometimes known as the brown rat. They are much larger than any other species of rat, and their blunt snout and small ears characterize them. Predominant areas of infestation in Houston include basements, piles of debris, and other relatively disturbed materials. They are known to have the potential to do great damage due to their biting and burrowing habits.

Roof Rats

Characteristics of roof rats include the fact that they are slender, agile rats that are black or dark brown with a light belly. The snout is pointed, and the ears are larger than those of Norway rats. They generally prefer to nest at higher locations, such as attics and trees, or in overgrown shrubbery around buildings. 

House Mice

The house mouse is a small rodent, dusty gray, with cream bellies. It has rounded ears and a long, thin tail. Very adaptable creatures, house mice thrive in a very wide range of areas. They live in hot hiding places, far away; voids in walls and corners of cupboards are preferable. House mice are prolific breeders, which can quickly lead to infestations if not managed properly.

Preventative Measures to Control Rodent Populations

Preventing rodent infestations in Houston begins with simple, proactive steps:

  • Seal Entry Points: To prevent access, close small openings around your home’s foundation, windows, and doors.
  • Proper Waste Management: Use tight-fitting lids in trash bins and regularly dispose of garbage to avoid attracting rodents.
  • Regular Maintenance: Trim overhanging tree branches and shrubs to reduce access points, especially for roof rats.

Professional rodent control service offers comprehensive solutions, including setups of baits and traps to get rid of them, along with structural modifications that can help you keep them away from your place in the future.

When to Call a Professional Pest Controller

While small infestations are often controllable with do-it-yourself methods, a larger or repeated infestation will require the services of a professional. The signs of heavy infestation mean a person has to find a rodent in the daytime, frequent droppings, or gnawing evidence on furniture and wires. Most professionals are likely to give the best methods of extermination and prevention that should be applied to the specific rodent species and the magnitude of infestation.


The number of issues that could cause significant harm and health risks can be reduced with the use of early activity identification. Understanding the behaviors and preferred habitats of Houston’s most common rodents might go a long way in empowering residents to keep these pesky creatures out of their homes. If you suspect a rodent infestation, consider contacting Fullscope Pest Control. Our expertise in managing and eliminating pest problems ensures your home stays safe and pest-free. Trust Fullscope Pest Control for all your pest management needs.


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