Top Five Pests That Infest Clothes

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Many homeowners consider pests to be primarily nuisances, scavengers of food and water, health risks, or hazards to the structural aspects of their homes and gardens. However, many ordinary household pests can wreak havoc on clothing. Here are 5 of these potential closet invaders that you should be aware of.


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Cockroaches are typical pests in homes. They reproduce in a cluttered and filthy habitat. They prefer to reside and breed in places that are dark, warm, and damp, such as under floorboards, between walls, inside closets, and over cabinets. Cockroaches can lay eggs in clothing bins or piles of dirty rags. They are drawn to moisture and body fluids such as sweat and urine. They are also drawn to stains such as laundry starch, food stains, and goods containing sugar. As the cockroach consumes the stains, it weakens the cloth, causing holes and tearing. They can even harm leather clothing. Must read the things to know about flying termites


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Most people are aware that termites eat wood and ruin a house’s structural integrity. They are, however, unaware that termites can cause harm to clothes. Termites will consume any cellulose-based material, including wood and paper-based items. Cotton and linen are natural textile fabrics manufactured from cellulose-based plants. As a result, clothing is an ideal trendy treat for termites. Termites eat through clothing, especially if it is contaminated with food or liquids.



Crickets are mostly found outside. As a result, many people are unaware that crickets may become inside pests, causing damage to clothing, drapes, and curtains. Crickets can hide and survive in rags and clothes boxes stored in the attic. Crickets, like termites, are drawn to food and beverage stains on clothing. The cricket consumes the spots that remain. It cuts the threads of the fabric during the procedure. The damage is frequently not apparent until the clothes are washed and worn.


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The silverfish prefers dark, humid environments and can be found in drawers, closets, and shelves. It has a destructive feeding behavior that results in the destruction of books, stored files, clothing, upholstery, and wallpaper. Silverfish eat garments for the nutritious chemicals inherent in fabric rather than the actual material. It prefers natural fibers such as rayon, cotton, linen, and silk. Unlike other pests, silverfish do not leave holes but instead create a shaved appearance on the fabric.

The Carpet Beetle

Carpet beetles can harm your clothing. Surprisingly, it is not the adult carpet beetle that causes clothes damage. The larvae are the ones who eat the fabric. The female beetle produces approximately 100 cream-colored eggs in hidden areas such as clothing, furniture, carpets, and fissures. They begin feasting on animal-based materials and clothes as soon as the eggs hatch, including wool, mohair, feathers, fur, and leather.

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