The Difference Between American and German Roaches

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Both the German Cockroach and American Cockroach are common house pests. The first step in properly removing pests from your home is to identify the pest.


Here are a few ways to easily identify the differences between German cockroaches vs. American cockroaches and their infestations.


German vs American Cockroaches

Size: One of the easiest ways to identify American roaches vs German roaches is their size. The American cockroach is the largest home invading roach species in the US. Growing up to max 2 inches in length. In comparison, German roaches are much smaller and only grow to about an inch at max.

Location:  Most roaches prefer to live in warm moist spaces. German roaches tend to live primarily in kitchens and bathrooms. American roaches are usually found outside, in basements or near sewage and drains. 

Appearance: American roaches are large and reddish-brown with some yellow/orange accents. American roaches also have large wings while German roaches have very small wings that they do not usually use. German roaches are a light tan with dark parallel lines that go down their back.

The Dangers of Roaches

Both German and American roaches can cause a variety of issues. Both roaches spend a large amount of time in unsanitary conditions such as drains, sewers and garbage. Their bodies collect and spread bacteria that can cause many harmful illnesses including food poisoning and dysentery. Roaches can transfer diseases to surfaces just by walking on them.

The fecal droppings from both roaches can also cause respiratory reactions for children and people with asthma. 

Preventing and Removing Cockroaches

Cockroaches can be prevented by keeping a clean and tidy home. Wiping counters, vacuuming crumbs and regularly removing garbage can help prevent roaches from staying in your home. If you find you have a roach infestation, the best option is calling a pest professional.



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