Termite Invasion: Why DIY Solutions Fall Short

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Is DIY termite control a good idea? There are any number of self-administered DIY termite control methods online, like YouTube, for starters, But how viable are they? In reality, the majority of DIY termite control measures offer only a temporary solution. DIY pest control strategies typically center on eradicating pests in your immediate surroundings, without taking the source (the nest/colony) into account.. You need to not just treat for visible termites (or roaches, or ants, etc.) – you need to eradicate termites where they hide out most: their colonies.

Sure, there are plenty of preventive steps you can put into place to help prevent them, but once you’ve got a termite infestation on your hands, you’re looking at potentially high-dollar damage to your home’s infrastructure. You might save some money in the short run employing DIY strategies yourself, but end up with a longer term problem. Let’s walk through some of the main reasons why DIY termite control is not recommended.

There’s No One-Size-Fits-All Solution for DIY Termite Control

It’s a jungle out there in the pest control aisle! But you won’t find a catchall termite solution on the store shelves. Every pest, even those that belong to the same species, dances to its own tune when it comes to treatments. Those off-the-rack, one-size-fits-all products often rely on harsh chemicals that do more harm than good, and they’re a risky business if you have children and/or pets. 

Surface and “Spot” Treatments Are Only Short-Term Solutions

When it comes to DIY termite control, the focus often hovers on superficial solutions that barely scratch the surface of termite problems. This approach might provide some short-lived relief, but think of simply applying a Band-Aid to a serious wound. Surface-level pest control can handle the critters you can see, but it won’t stop the unseen invaders in the termite colony from attacking your home.

DIY Termite Control Is Only a Short-Term Solution 

No matter how good a DIY termite control solution may seem, it will typically only offer short-term relief. Finding the termite nest can prove difficult for amateurs, and once you find it, how will you get rid of it for good? Plus, once the termites are gone, can they come back? They absolutely can, and they do. You’ll want a professional to handle getting rid of the colony effectively, and strategically setting effective termite bait stations.

Why Professional Termite Control is Your Best Bet

When you enlist the services of a professional termite control team, you’re not just getting personal peace of mind, you’re also ensuring the safety of your loved ones. What’s more, you’re in for a treatment plan that’s 100% customized, utilizing cutting-edge industry tools, state-of-the-art technology, and decades of experience and know-how. And the best part is, you’re investing in a long-term solution that will last.


How Often Should I Have My Home Inspected for Termites?

Termites are a continuous threat all throughout the year, which means that proactive action is always best when it comes to protecting your home. It’s not a bad idea to have your home carefully inspected by professionals at least once annually. For most parts of the country, spring is usually the best time for termite inspections. Of course, ANYTIME you notice signs of possible termite activity, you should have your home inspected before a small problem becomes a big, expensive one.

Despite all the preventive measures you can take, termites and other pests can just become overwhelming. Not to mention the fact that, termites can cause dangerous (and VERY costly) damage to your home’s infrastructure. Calling a professional termite control service is always much more cost-effective and a timesaver in the long run if you feel you are overwhelmed with termites and/or other pests in your home or yard. Deter expensive damage by getting a handle on things early on. Call our North Houston area (e.g.,  (primarily Cleveland, Kingwood, Atascosita, New Caney, Humble, Porter, Conroe, Splendora, and other communities in the North Houston area) FullScope termite and pest control experts today at 832-898-0190 for a consultation. Or email us at [email protected]. We can quickly help you get your termite problems under control, as well as other expensive pest problems in your home, yard, or business. We use Sentricon Termite Baiting Stations as a long-term solution to help home and business owners like you get rid of their termite problems fast.


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