Should I Clean The House After Pest Control

Should I Clean The House After Pest Control | Full Scope Pest Control

Most homeowners are still determining what to do after the treatment is finished. However, let us warn you that cleaning your home after a pest control treatment is essential, especially if you have kids or pets. Because toddlers can crawl, they might discover and eat the chemicals that remain on the floor after treatment. This could endanger their life, so thorough cleaning of your home is imperative following treatment.

The methods listed below are the most thorough and effective ways to clean your home after a pest control treatment.

Choose A Starting Point

Pick a place to begin to ensure that you go through each room. We advise starting at one of the house’s far ends and working toward the center. Consider carrying a checklist and checking off each room as you finish cleaning it. The most important tool you can use to make the cleaning process go more quickly and effectively is organization.

Begin At The Top And Work Your Way Down

After treatment, always clean from the top down, floors, and ceilings. After cleaning the ceiling fans, wipe the walls down with a disinfectant. It kills any bacteria that pests might have brought in and gives the house a fresh scent. Keep a stack of clothes nearby when cleaning windows and walls so you can switch out when one becomes too dirty.

Remember to wipe the baseboards, sweep the floor, and then give the walls and windows a thorough mopping after you’re finished. So that you don’t oversaturate the floor with water, squeeze out any extra water from the mop. 

Always Be Patient

You ought to take your time cleaning up after the treatment. Sometimes you must wait a week before cleaning your house so the pesticides can affect the intended pests. While some pests emerge immediately after spraying, others emerge from their hiding places. Additionally, if pesticides are being sprayed, you should ask the exterminator about the best time to enter to protect yourself from hazards.

Wash Utensils In The Kitchen

Since the kitchen is the ideal place for an infestation, utensils, countertops, dishes, and it will inevitably spray other items. It will add pesticides to pots, pans, and other items. To remove all chemicals during cleaning, you must thoroughly wash every item, including pots and utensils, because you might ingest the toxins. For safety reasons, ensure the kitchen has been thoroughly cleaned, wiped down, and mopped.



Cleaning your home after the treatment is necessary, but make sure the pest control professionals allow you to do so and that the treatment is already dry to avoid destroying the pesticides’ effects.

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