Mosquito Season is Here!

Mosquito Season is Here!

Mosquito Season is Here!

It’s that time of year again where mosquitos are about to be a factor in our daily lives. Knowing and understanding the biology and habits of mosquitos is a very important consideration in controlling or reducing mosquito populations. At Fullscope Pest Control we are experts in controlling targeted areas with automated misting systems that are extremely effective or a mosquito suppression program that are designed specifically for each individual situation.

Eliminate the Breeding Grounds

Just as important as being able to eliminate mosquitos once they appear is the ability to identify conducive conditions and eliminating those which can greatly reduce the number of mosquitos that will hatch off.

Standing water is the main culprit for harboring mosquito larvae that eventually become adult Mosquitos in residential areas as well as commercial establishments.

The easiest 1st step to eliminating these conditions is disposing of, storing or covering of all artificial containers (old tires, cans, bottles, wheelbarrows, boats, children’s toys, swimming pools, etc.). Another good practice is changing the water in pet dishes, flower pots, bird baths and other water-holding devices every 3 days.

Also, make sure you are cleaning out and repairing rain gutters to maintain proper drainage.


Understanding the Mosquito Life Cycle

Mosquitos can be challenging to control and it is important to understand the life cycle and habits of the mosquito to being successful in controlling or suppressing them. After the mosquitos lay their eggs the egg can lay dormant for 2 years and still hatch off into an adult. The mosquito egg hatches when flooded by water and then requires a period of completely drying before hatching.

With the excessive amount of rainfall we have seen in the Houston area this year, there will be an extraordinary amount of eggs that have been lying dormant for some time that are ready to hatch which could create one of the worst mosquito seasons we have seen in a while.

Disease Carrying Disease

Not only are mosquitos a nuisance from their annoying and painful bite which tend to ruin our time with families in the outdoors but they are known to vector dangerous diseases like West Niles Virus, Saint Louis encephalitis, Yellow Fever, and Dengue which all can occur in Texas.


Mosquito Control Options
Take Back Your Backyard!

Take Back Your Backyard

So it’s time to take back your backyard and take the steps to protect your family from the nuisance and possibly dangerous mosquitos. At Fullscope Pest Control we offer a wide variety of control solutions ranging from automated misting systems that we install and give you permanent control where we will program to automatically mist several times a day as well as give you the flexibility to manual mist anytime at your convenience for special occasions or gatherings to mosquito suppression programs where Fullscope Pest Control would apply a residential on a monthly basis which greatly reduces the mosquito population.


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