Mosquito Proof Your Pool


How to Mosquito Proof Your Pool

Everyone would jump at an opportunity to escape the scorching heat of summer – however briefly. For many, there is no better way to do this than taking a dip in a swimming pool. It doesn’t matter the occasion, people from all age groups take a dip to beat the heat. One common and despised problem with pools is, mosquitoes are fond of congregating around them. This is why people continue to seek out remedies to help prevent mosquitoes from turning their leisurely swims into swat fests.  So how do you mosquito proof your pool?

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To protect your swimming pool from mosquitoes, use the tips briefly discussed below: 

Remove Any Standing Water Around Your Pool 

It is common to find standing water in most areas surrounding pools. These areas are perfect breeding sites for mosquitoes, and this is mostly because they thrive well in warm and moist environments. Female mosquitoes can utilize a very small quantities of water for laying eggs. With the amount of water usually found around pools, it comes as no surprise that they are hot spots for mosquitoes. Equipment like water toys can make pool time more exciting for kids. Sadly, they can also become breeding sites for mosquitoes if left unchecked, as they can collect water. You can decrease the mosquito population around your pool by simply storing all pool equipment and toys indoors. 

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Cover Your Pool When Not In Use

For about any homeowner, there is so much joy and pride in having a beautiful pool area. Despite their visual appeal, pools are perfect breeding sites for mosquitoes. If you are serious about your fight against mosquitoes, then ensure to always keep your pool covered when not in use. There are many types of pool covers you can buy and use, each with its own unique benefits. These include standard winter covers, automatic covers, and security covers. The main purpose of a cover is to ensure your pool is protected from debris and direct sunlight. Most covers last a few years before needing replacement or repair. To ensure complete protection from mosquitoes and other pests, make sure your cover doesn’t have any holes or tears that mosquitoes can take advantage of. 


Carry out Regular Maintenance on Pools and Equipment

Having a pool in your backyard can attract loved ones to your home. Having a pool in your home also means that you have to carry out regular maintenance to keep it in the best condition. Doing this will help keep mosquitoes away from your pool, thereby making it safe for summer fun. Before opening your pool for use, do well to keep the following in mind: 

  • Ensure your pool water is balanced and get rid of any contaminants that are present.
  • Make sure your filtration system is in perfect condition. 
  • Repair any damage to the lining of your swimming pool.
  • Remove every obstruction from your pool skimmers.

After completing every instruction outlined above, you can open up your pool for summer fun! It’s an excellent idea to create a regular maintenance schedule as this will help guarantee that your pool area is safe for the entire season.


To get more information about keeping your pool mosquito-free, do well to contact a reputable pest control company. When it comes to mosquitoes, you can never be too cautious. 


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